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Interview - Crystal Collier

Hey everyone!  I've come out of blog-seclusion today for a very special treat because Crystal Collier is in the house talking about the release of her new book MOONLESS!  

Welcome to my humble digital-abode, Crystal.  First off, let me put on my charming host hat ...can I offer you some coffee, a croissant, a piece of cheese?

Thanks so much for having me! (And like I’m going to say no to cheese!) 

Who can…right?  Let’s get right to it shall we? And you needn’t worry about responding while you’re chewing, I’ll edit that out in the post process.


A lot of aspiring writers find it interesting to peek behind the curtain and see what other writers processes are like.  For instance...are you a pantser or plotter?  Laptop or Desktop?  Prefer AM or PM writing sessions? 

I eat cheese, dream strange dreams, then write. Kidding! Well, partially anyway. My writing originates from “story dreams,” complete with characters, plot and setting. But like a good movie, you can only cram so much into a couple hours.

Unless you’re Peter Jackson, then it might go on forever.  How many different revisions did MOONLESS go through before you felt it was ready?

Wow. Um, we’re talking in the ballpark of two hundred?

In 2002, MOONLESS bloomed as a novella. It wrote itself in a matter of days. But then, (as with all first drafts,) it went straight into the folder labeled “never to see the light of day.” Still, I loved it, and it kept demanding attention.

In 2006 I sent out a couple queries, just for fun, and the response was awesome. Agents loved my concept. The writing? Not so much. A very kind agent friend gave me some pointers and set me free.

Fast forward several years. I hosted a major beta reading (30+ readers) and people actually liked my writing! They liked the story! They wanted me to publish it!


Welcome back to querying, and the revisions of madness.

You also operate a pretty successful blog.  Do you find it a help or hindrance after publication? 

I might be (AM) addicted to blogging. 60% of what I know about writing came from the blogosphere—so while I won’t call it a hindrance, I do struggle to find the balance between writing, revisions, hanging with my bloggies, and other promotions.

What would you say was your biggest setback along this path to publication?  How did you overcome it?

Kids. And I wouldn’t change a thing.
What's on the horizon for you?

MOONLESS is the first book in a tri-series. That’s right, TRI-series. (Major plotting here.) With ten books (and three separate protagonists) in varying stages of completion, the real question is, how quickly should I publish them?

I want to thank Crystal for taking the time to drop by and answer a few questions for us.  Below is a listing of the remaining stops on Crystal's blog tour, as well as an all-important Rafflecopter.  Above all else, check out won't be sorry!

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