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WRiTE CLUB 2022 - A Call For Volunteers


After ten years of organizing WRiTE CLUB, I realized something — I NEED HELP!

Apart from our wonderful Slushpile Readers (which I'll get to in a minute), my wife and I pretty much do everything...and it's a lot. My wife would like to step away and help out only if needed, and the growth of the contest has brought it to the point where bringing other people is a necessity.   

What kind of help am I talking about? Here's a description of the roles I need help with - 

Contest Registration Coordinator - Logs all submissions into a database and sterilizes them (removes real names and email addresses) before depositing them into a file for Slushpile Readers to access. Also communicates back and forth with contestants.

Social Media Coordinator - Creates posts across various social media platforms to spread the word about the contest and then subsequently spur voter participation as the contest is ongoing.

Slushpile Readers (minimum of 12) - narrow down all the submissions to just the top 30. This is a big commitment!  First, a SR must be open to installing and using Dropbox (a free file-sharing program that I will provide complete instructions on how to use). Then once the entries start pouring in (July 1) the SR will have approximately a month to read what could be 200+ entries, each one approximately 500 words long -- which equates to the length of a small book – select 30 of what they believe are the best ones and rank them. Most importantly – a Slushpile Reader cannot be a WRiTE CLUB contestant. 


So, what do you say?  Interested in helping shape how the competition plays out this year – without officially participating?  If so, email me at and I will be in touch shortly.


Thank you in advance.



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