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A Decade of Kicking A** and Taking Names

This year2019marks a full decade I’ve been chasing after a dream. I shouldn’t need to tell you what dream that is, but for anyone just finding their way here, it’s becoming a published author. I wrote my first book in 2009 (Jeez, what an embarrassment) and since then I’ve written four other books (all unpublished). I also posted my first blog article that year. Although there have been a few false starts and promising ventures, unfortunately, I’m still right where I began. Well, that’s not exactly true. Over the course of these past ten years, I’ve made acquaintances and become friends with some amazing people -- others who are pursuing the same dream as mine. Most of them I connected with right here on my blog, but I’ve also formed bonds with people I’ve met at writers’ conferences or through social media. I’ve tried to keep in touch with everyone who has offered me advice, or simply encouragement, but regrettably, I’ve watched as many of them disappear as their own writing goals dry up. On the flip side I’m friends with numerous writers who have realized their dream – some of them rather spectacularly – and because we were together in the beginning, feeling our way through the dark, I still rejoice in the glow of their success.

What’s my point? Basically, there is none. Today, I just felt the need to commemorate the time I’ve devoted, which has been substantial (just ask my wife). You probably thought I’d end this post with an announcement that I’m throwing in the towel. Sorryno such proclamation (today). In fact, I’m putting the finishing touches on my latest manuscript and I’ll be diving into the query waters once again very soon.

Ten years ago I felt an itch and I’ve been scratching it this whole time. There are periods where I feel raw and exposed, but that original feeling still hasn’t gone away. Maybe I’m just denselike a zombie who doesn’t know he’s dead yetbut for anyone who caresI’m not.

Who knows, maybe I'm just the exact opposite of an overnight success.


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