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WRiTE CLUB 2021 – Slush Pile Readers


It’s year #10 for WRiTE CLUB and special things are ahead. But first things first, we need to once again ask for help in setting up what truly is the backbone of this contest. Slushpile Readers.


One of the most challenging aspects of WRiTE CLUB is narrowing down all the entries (171 last year) to just the top 30. To make that fair and unbiased – I create a central repository (via Dropbox) where all of the submissions are stored, then a selection committee of at least a dozen judges read all of those entries and vote for their favorites, which is then used to select the top 30.


Before you raise your hand to volunteer, let me fully explain what you would be getting into.  This is a big commitment!  First, you must be open to installing and using Dropbox (a free file sharing program that I will provide complete instructions on how to use). Then once the entries start pouring in (Nov. 1) you will have approximately a month to read what could be 200+ entries, each one approximately 500 words long -- which equates to the length of a small book – select 30 of what you believe are the best ones and rank them.


Most importantly – you cannot be a WRiTE CLUB contestant if you do this. 


Additionally, there will be a pair of twitter-parties where all the judges will be making observations about some of the entries they’ve read so far. This is done to raise interest in the contest and build excitement.


So, what do you say?  Interested in helping shape how the competition plays out – without officially participating?  If so, email me at and I will be in touch shortly.


Thank you in advance.





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