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Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzzz

We made it!  High fives, back slaps, butt slaps, handshakes, hugs -- take whichever feels the most appropriate to you.  It was an amazing April, which will honestly stay with me for quite some time!  But it has taken its toll.

I've fallen severely behind with my critiquing duties (sorry girls), I've neglected a good portion of my regular followers as I've tried to be a responsible co-host and get to as many A - Z blogs as possible, I've not prepared for the writers conference (DFW) I'm attending in 3 weeks where I have a pitch to give, and last but certainly not least, I've not written anything but blog posts and comments for a month.  Looking back,  I wouldn't change a thing, but it does explain why I need to go into hibernation for a bit.

I will poke my head out of my cave a couple times.  There's the A to Z Reflection post on May 7th I intend to take part in, and a few of my blogging buddies (Emily White, Clarissa Draper, Glynis Smy) have book launches I'll be helping to promote this month, but past that I'll be devoting my time to catching up and recharging my batteries.  I'm even by-passing this month's ISWG post and Alex Cavanaugh's First Loves Blogfest, that's how drained I am.

I know this isn't a very smart move, going dark right after attracting some very interesting new followers, but sometimes self-preservation dictates you gotta do what you gotta do.  I'm hoping a couple - three weeks will do the trick, in any case I'll be back as soon as I can.

It was a wonderful ride!

Y is for Youth

Y is for Youth

It cannot be defined by age, size, or education level.  It has nothing to do with a certain level of maturity and is unfairly blamed for a lot of bad decisions.  We confuse our children by pressing them to grow out of it, and then turn right around and search for ways to get it back.  There are those who seem to have more of it and as a result attract others to them like neighborhood kids to an ice cream truck.

Young at heart is so much more than a popular song, or movie, or book.  It is a state of being.  It has inspired folklore and legends alike about a magical fountain from which it possibly flows, prompting adventurous searches.  The irony being that the hunt alone was an indication of infliction.

I have been blessed with my parent’s DNA which allow me to look years younger than I actually am, but I also feel that I’m the recipient of an abnormally active youth gene.  Just ask my wife and she’ll tell you about having to raise FOUR kids (three actual).  At times that means I have to "act my age" and forgo what I'd really like to be doing, shamed into harnessing my youthful exuberance.  But sooner or later it always breaks free.

Our young don't have the monopoly on youth. 

*sticking tongue out*   

X is for X Marks The Spot

X is for X Marks The Spot

This is the spot where I stumble during the Challenge.  I've been able to wing it pretty convincingly up to now, but real life and inadequate planning caught up to me.  So you get a free pass today and you're free to move onto the next post.

I'll try and do better tomorrow.  Promise!  :)

W is for WRiTE CLUB

W is for WRiTE CLUB

In November of 2011 I tried an experiment…it was called WRiTE CLUB.  I solicited and received 250 word writing samples from my readers, written under anonymous pen names, and pitted them against one another in bouts over a twelve week period.  Twelve winners were picked by the most votes left in the comments and they continued on into succeeding rounds until an ultimate champion was chosen in February.  You can see a synopsis of the entire first season, including the rules it operated under, right here.

The experiment was an awesome success!  Participants and readers alike applauded the anonymous nature of all of the writing which prevented the endeavor from turning into a popularity contest.  Some truly creative writing was put on display, everyone received some helpful feedback about what worked and what didn’t, and the best part is that the winner (Tiana Smith) and runner-up (Julie Dao) ended up becoming critique partners.  :)

WRiTE CLUB is scheduled to return in July with a few key modifications and some very thrilling enhancements.  The biggest and most exciting change will be that the final round, where the two finalists face off against one another…will be judged by a panel of publishing industry professionals.  That’s right; a team of agents, publishers, editors, and successful authors will be voting for and critiquing the final two submissions.  How cool is that?

Keep your eye out for WRiTE CLUB 2012 announcements as the summer starts to heat up.    



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