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Everybody and their brother . . .

I wanted to take a time out from discussing the metamorphosis of my book and take a minute to talk about why I blog in the first place. It'll only take a minute, promise!

In these times when it seems that everybody and their brother is blogging, angling for on-line attention, then why would I want to compete with all of that. And I'm not even talking about Tweeting, which I don't consider blogging. The reason is simpler then you might imagine.

For me, blogging started out as a release for my inner voice. Those who know me well are aware that I'm shy, introverted, and reserved. But not when I write. When I'm in front of my keyboard, making words appear on the screen, I'm expressing a thought with meaning, or feeling, that would normally remain pent up inside of me. It is very liberating and satisfying. And I would be lying to you if I said that it didn't matter if nobody read my musings. I truly enjoy the fact that other people are entertained by some of stories that pour out of me. But I'm not competing for your attention against all of the other blogs out there. Promise.

Another reason I blog is that I am trying to become a published writer. Almost every text book, creative writing manual, and on-line short course give the same advice to beginning authors: WRITE. Write something everyday. So on those days when I don't feel like working on my book, or a short story, I plan on coming here and telling you a story. Some of my stories may be fiction, but most of them will be plucked from what I see around me. I'll also be updating you on the progress of my attempt to get my writing published. Hopefully it will be interesting and I won't put you to sleep. Maybe I'll write a self-help book about sleeplessness?

So that's it . . . that's why I'm here. Oh yeah, I promise not to write about politics, or religion, or anything that would provoke strong opinions. That's not why I'm here! It's not that I don't have opinions, I do, but I prefer to keep them to myself. Opinions are funny things. For some reason once you tell somebody your opinion, they feel obligated to tell you theirs. Go figure.

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