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Fibs Revealed

Before I let the cat out of the bag regarding my tall-tales, let me first point you to a couple of contests going on right now you may be interested in.  The first is sponsored by Bethany and Suzette over at Shooting Stars in conjunction with Elana Johnson.  It’s the Fabulous Followers Giveaway and there are critiques and book prizes to be had.

The other is 100+ Blog Party hosted by The Girl With One Eye at A Squirel Amongst Lions.  She’s giving away a $20 Amazon gift card, so run…don’t walk.

Now, back to the business at hand.  It seems nobody guessed my one truth (big surprise), but it was interesting to see how many of you gravitated to the lie that you most wanted to be true.  There sure are a lot of romantics out there.  Here’s the straight scoop.

1.    I suffered a compound fracture in my left arm that necessitated 2 metal plates and 17 screws to put me back together.  As a result, I’m always setting off the alarm in airport security and I’m required to carry a note from my doctor explaining the situation.  False, but with some truth mixed in.  I did break my arm and do have the hardware in my arm, but it doesn’t set off the metal detector at the airport.

2.    I was driving a country road at night when a deer dashed in front of my car.  I hit and killed it, causing substantial damage to my itty-bitty Nissan.   Less than a minute after hitting the deer a pair of drag racing teenagers in their souped up cars came around the curve up ahead and nearly crashed into me.  I’m still convinced today that if I hadn’t hit the deer, I would have ended up in a head-on collision with those boys.  A complete fabrication.  I did hit a deer once, but there were no other cars around.

3.    Several years ago a friend of mine from work bet me $100 I couldn’t get in shape enough to finish a 5K charity run our company was taking part in.  I took the bet.  On the day of the race I ran the entire distance…except for the last ten feet.  I didn’t finish the race because I was so grateful to her for pushing me to get back in shape that I couldn’t take her money.  Another fib.  I did run a 5K on a challenge, but there was no bet involved.

4.    In high school, I used to have a problem with sleepwalking.  I also used to babysit for parents in our cul-de-sac.  Late one night when I was sitting for a family, I woke up standing outside on their front lawn.  When I tried to get back into the house, I found I was locked out.  When the parents showed up ten minutes later (lucky for me…cause it was cold out there), I told them I heard a noise and locked myself out when I went looking to see what it was.  TRUE!  If the parents hadn’t shown up when they did I was just about to knock on the kid’s window to let me in.  I made sure to never fall asleep again while babysitting.

5.    When we first moved to Arkansas, I lost my wedding band while we were boating.  I figured it ended up on the bottom of the lake.  Last year the family was boating again and my wife’s wedding ring came up missing.  We frantically tore apart the boat searching for it.  We found it wedged in a seat…right next to my wedding band.  Our rings had found one another.  Sorry ladies.  This was the sentimental favorite, but it’s a lie.  I did lose my ring in the lake, and my wife did lose her ring years later, but it was after the house flooded because of a busted water-hose.

6.    I have a severe peanut allergy and I almost died one day when I used a product intended to remove earwax that unbeknownst to me contained peanut oil.  Another complete fabrication, but interestingly enough there is peanut oil in some ear-wax removal products.

7.    I am 55 years old.  Close, but no cigar.  I’ll be 54 in December.

That was fun.  Thanks to everyone who gave it a shot.  I’ll be back later this week to prep everybody for the Drunk at First Sight Blogfest hosted by Jon Paul this Sunday.  I’ll be posting a scene that will serve as a bridge between my Love at First Sight entry and the coming one.



  1. You're a great liar, and I'd never have believed the sleepwalking thing. That's got to be scary!

  2. Hey, I like the sleepwalking story! I had a similar experience. I sleepwalk when I'm extremely stressed. When I was 12 I was sleeping over at a friend's house and woke up as I was opening her parents' bedroom door. My friend's mom woke up and recognized me. Gosh, that was embarrassing!

  3. Liar, liar, pants on fire! : P Loved hearing your lies and your truth!

  4. The sleepwalking one is pretty good! My husband used to do that. Fortunately for me, he grew out of it. LOL

  5. Those were very good lies! I wondered about the pins etc setting off the alarms. My son has a few and the doctors said it wouldn't set anything off, but 17 screws & 2 plates is a LOT!

  6. Darn!! I never would have guessed. My brother also sleepwalks. He once went into the kitchen and made a sandwich, then went back to sleep. He always says at least his sleepwalking is somewhat productive...

  7. These are so fun to read and convincing! You're quite a talented storyteller!

  8. Very good storyteller. That was fun too. Thanks

  9. Lorel ~ I believe all writers, deep down, are great liars.

    Portia ~ That would be scary. I have another sleepwalking story I'm saving for a future blog post. It involves Vikings, hurdles, and a Marine I scared half to death. :)

    Kim ~ :P

    Diane ~ Yes...indeed!

    Jemi ~ My doctor did give me a note just in case something like that happened, but it never did. It was a BAD break.

    Julie ~ I made myself a bowl of cereal once. Now if I woke up the next morning and my homework had been magically finished, THAT would have been productive. :)

    Amy ~ Thank you!!

    Brittany ~ I enjoyed it just as much.

  10. Yep, I guessed wrong. No surprise (for me) there!!

    My nine-year-old daughter is a sleepwalker. Once we stopped her from leaving the house to go into the attached garage. She couldn't have gone farther than that since the garage door was down, but it scared us just the same.

  11. Bad babysitter! I love how you came up with a little fib right on the spot though for the parents. lol..excellent skill parents appreciate. haha.

  12. ah, I was wrong. Two of my three kiddos had sleepwalking issues. Oy, was that a tough phase in our home!

  13. Ha! You do lead an interesting life, mister, but I'm so sad your rings did not find one another in the boat :(

  14. Oh, I liked the ring story, sap that I am.

    I have never seen anyone sleep walk. I think it would freak me out...zombie-ish.

    Great blog.

    I'm putting you on my bookmark/reader, but I'm having 'following' issues for some reason. It wont work right. I don't get the feed, and it doesn't link or show my picture, it just wont work. Techie people are looking into it. Anyway, I'm following you in my own way.


  15. Darn my busy schedule this week!!! I totally missed your fib post and didn't even get a chance to guess!!! Pooh!

    I totally would have guessed the right answer though, I'm sure of it. Okay, not really....I would have been wrong too...but it would have been fun!

  16. Thanks for the linkage! And I missed guessing about the lies and stuff, but learned a lot about you. :)

  17. Ha! Good lies. But I'm not sure if I should be impressed or not. LOL

    Interesting about the sleepwalking.

  18. Nicole ~ just wait until you read my future post about sleepwalking. Heh heh.

    JennyMac ~ Yes sir...quick on my feet...that's me alright.

    Tess ~ That could be really interesting.

    Carol ~ :( Sorry to disappoint you.

    VW ~ *Snicker*

    Lola ~ Thank you! I appreciate all the effort you've made to link up. Stupid electrons!!

    Kristi ~ Life in the fastlane. :)

    Elana ~ Definitely my pleasure!

    Jennifer ~ Awww...come on. You can be a little impressed. :)

  19. DL--I passed along an award to you tonight. I love your blog...especially when you put exerpts of your work. :)

  20. You had me fooled. I think you'd be a jolly good writer...just saying :)

  21. Sharon ~ Awwww...thank you for that smile first thing in the morning.

    Wendy ~ Can I use you as a reference when I start sending out queries? :)

  22. The thing have to be a great liar to write well...especially if there is fiction genre involved. You do it so well, DL.




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