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If you’ve spent any time at all reading on-line forums, you’re probably familiar with the term Bump.  It’s a term used to describe the action of moving a topic back to the top of the page so that more readers will view it upon entering the forum.  You do this by simply adding a comment to the topic (usually just the word bump) and the entire thread slides to the top.  Why is this necessary?  Because as new topics are added and the interest in your subject erodes, it slides further and further back on the list of topics until it falls off the first page and into obscurity.  Bumping can sometimes rejuvenate awareness and generate more discussion.

I’m doing a bump…or at least the blog version of one.  I currently have three initiatives that I wanted to refresh in everyone’s minds…and maybe even garner new attention.

The first one is my quest to obtain a follower from across the globe.  I’ve been after this goal since early may and although I have a ways to go country-wise, I’m only lacking four US states.  They are Mississippi, Rhode Island, Tennessee & West Virginia.  I’m also keeping a log of which states all my ‘like-minded’ live (Georgia currently leads the pack).  So if you live in one of the states I lack…or in a country other than the US…or you just haven’t clued me in to where you’re from…please go to this link and help me out!

My second initiative is the High Drama Blogfest/Giveaway I’ve scheduled for Saturday, August 7th.  Just 500 words of dramatic prose are all I’m after…with oodles of prizes given away to boot.  There seems to be lots of interest in this (gauging by the comments) but precious few that have signed up.  Anybody else up to the challenge?

Finally, there’s my Blog Recycle Station.  This is my attempt to match up old blog post with new followers.  We’ve all missed out on some great blog entries because they were posted before we became followers of the blog owner, or they hit the blogosphere during a hectic time in our own schedules.  On the flip side, there’s also some great material we’ve all written buried deep in our archives that our most recent followers have never seen.  Pick out one of your favorite blog post from the past and go to the link above to put it out there for everybody to enjoy again.
That’s it…bump accomplished.  I was out-of-sorts last week and although I did read most of your blogs, I wasn’t able to comment much.  I hope to do much better this week.


  1. Yay for all of these great initiatives :-) I'm already signed up for the blogfest, but I'll spread the word amongst my friends!

  2. Good job of bumping! :)

    Life has been really hectic here too - and I thought summer time was going to be relaxing!

  3. I listed your blogfest in my side bar. One of my followers, Blabbin' Grammy, is in TN, but she's about to move to TX. And I don't know if I have a really awesome post.

  4. I signed up for the Blogfest. Cancelled the holiday, but...
    Not really but it will be a factor that gets in the way of the booking - dang-and-blast!

  5. Ok, I've never heard of bump. How sad is that? Thanks for the lesson.

    I love the recycled blog post idea. I'll dig through mine just for fun. Thanks!

  6. hey, guess what?? I llive in Rhode Island, and I'm about to press on the Follow Me link. So you can cross RI off your need of followers list:-)
    cheers, trish

  7. Thanks for the bumps. I totally missed the Blog Recycle post.

  8. These are great initiatives. I have already participated in the "where are you from" part, but I will give the recycle station a go (though I plan to do so when I'm away on vacation).

  9. Hi,

    Glad to hear you're feeling on the ball this week.

    Yeah, bumping is great, though I have propensity for deleting posts I think on refelection as either a tad silly (jewel bucket idea) or something that appeared boring: didn't get the hits!

    Sometimes I create a page (independent -right hand column of blog)for certain items like excerpts etc., but by transferrring from blog I lose original comments: bummer that.

    I guess I just like a tidy virtual desk!

  10. Hope you're in-sorts this week, DL! :) Happy bumping.

  11. Only three states left! Sounds like you're making great progress. Good luck getting the rest of 'em!

  12. Thanks for the reminders! And the blog recycle thing is a neat idea!

  13. I heard you bumped into one of my non-virtual friends.... :)

    This summer writing has been a huge struggle for me; hail storm (resulting in new roof, siding, gutters, facia, screens), cat died, flood number one in my basment, flood number two in my basement two weeks later...I'll see where I am mentally by the 7th...I'll at least join in on the reading. :) Sorry, DL...that's the best I can do right now.

  14. Wow you are really tackling those states!!! Way to go you!!!

    The blogfest sounds like a ton of fun, I'm still thinking about joining in but I hate making plans because that's when I fall.

    BTW Drop by to see if you right about Stella!

  15. Good luck with your mission!

  16. What happens when you have someone from everywhere? If your dream complete or will you find another goal to complete?

  17. Love the bump. I think they're great ways to remind us what's going on. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. Go Georgia!! And thanks for the High Drama Blogfest reminder -- I'm heading over to sign up now :D

    Hope all's well with you!!
    ((hugs)) Nicole

  19. You are a man on a mission! :) I hope you have a great week!

  20. Julie ~ Your welcome. Hope you return visit my recycle center with a personal favorite.

    Trish ~ YAY for Rhode Island!!

    Francine ~ I don't think I've heard of anybody being that tidy. :)

    Sierra ~ My pleasure!! :)

  21. You're not kidding about it being hectic! I've barely been able to keep my head above water, so to speak, on keeping up with everyone's blogs this summer. Maybe the fall will slow down? Ha ha. Yeah, I'm sure. Anyway, good idea on the "bump." :) And thanks for the comment about why you write, it was very powerful I thought.

  22. Sara ~ I'm not holding my breath waiting for the hectic to end anytime soon. *sigh* Right now I'd settle for a heat index below 90. :)


  23. Hi DL, first ime visitor. What a great idea. I love the creative thoughts my fellow bloggers in Blogdom come up with. Never a dullmoment here.

    Stephen Tremp

  24. DL!!!! This is the most creative post I've read in a long time...and certainly chock full of great ideas. Now, to get clicking...

    Southern City Mysteries




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