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WRiTE CLUB Wrap Up – Preliminary Rounds

I guess you gave me your answer after mentioning the possibility of ending WRiTE CLUB on Monday and told you it’s in your hands.  Sixty three comments!  WOWZA!  There were some duplicates and some votes from suspicious profiles, but after I weeded those out it was still an impressive showing.  Thank you everyone for contributing your opinions.   

How about we tally those votes and fill that final spot in the twelve WRiTER playoff?  The official score ended up:

EMMILOU HAYRISS - 30 votes     I.M. XTNQSHR - 17 votes

EMMILOUS HAYRISS is now our twelfth semi-finalist!  The roster for the final rounds is set, and here are your contestants.

Round 1 Winner - Anne Shirley
Round 2 Winner - Jamie Stuart
Round 3 Winner - Timothy Nine
Round 4 Winner - Casey Brooks
Round 5 Winner - Panama Red
Round 6 Winner - Lucky Left Hook.
Round 7 Winner - Terri Lee
Round 8 Winner - Spectral
Round 9 Winner - Lily Mason
Round 10 Winner - Art Gallery
Round 11 Winner – Lady Grimm
Round 12 Winner – Emmilou Hayriss

Here’s what will happen next.  These twelve semi-finalists will be given the choice of letting their original submission stand as is, or augment it by expanding it to 500 words, or submitting a new 500 word writing sample altogether.  Then the twelve of them will be paired up (by random drawing) and a different bout will be held every day the week during February 6-11.  On Sunday February 12th the six winners will be announced and again paired off again (using the same 500 word writing sample) for bouts to be held every other day on starting on February 14th.  Three winners will be chosen from those matches, along with one wildcard selection who’ll be the WRiTER who scored the most points but didn’t win his/her bout.  The winner with the most points will be face-off against the wildcard selection, and the other two contestants will duel it out.  Those two matches will take place on February 20th and 23rd.  The final clash between the last two standing will be on February 27th for all the marbles.

Now it’s time to talk marbles.  When I started this endeavor I hadn’t really planned on giving an actual prize, other than the recognition of being the winner.  But after a while I started to change my mind, and then I fell into something that would serve as a perfect reward.  The WRiTE CLUB Champion will be awarded (apart from the nifty badge below) a signed copy of Shelli Johannes-Wells debut novel, UNTRACEBALE, along with a query critique and/or one hour consultation with her about marketing or anything else. She is a marketing whiz and picking her brain for an hour is certainly a prize to cherish.
So, things will get rolling again on February 6th.  As always, anyone can vote…but only once per bout.  Leave your vote for the WRiTER that swayed you the most in the comments of each post, along with any sort of critique you would like to offer.  Please spread the word and remind your friends to make a selection as well.  Remember, even though participation in the last round was phenomenal, the amount we continue to see over the next couple weeks will help decide if WRiTE CLUB continues on.

Don’t forget the WRiTE CLUB motto, it’s not about the last man/woman standing, it’s about who knocks the audience out!


  1. This is so exciting! It's the first time I have come across WRiTE CLUB - I'm really looking forward to following the process and voting!
    Laura x

  2. This is so cool! I hope you keep it going. :)

  3. Cool stuff. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. Write Club has been a huge success, DL - congratulations!

  5. DL, you've renewed my interest in reading!

  6. Very exciting - and whoever wins is going to love Shelli's book - it's awesome! :)

  7. Hi, DL! I only just stumbled across WRiTE CLUB in that 12th round. Pretty cool idea!

    I'll stop by as often as I can during the next round. That darn day job (you know, the one that pays for the mortgage and buys the groceries ... drat it) keeps me from blogging every day. But this looks like fun!

  8. I am enjoying this very much. I do hope you keep having a Write Club.

  9. Well, yeah -- you gotta keep it going!

    I came to this late, so how the heck am I going to get a chance to compete if there's no WRiTE CLuB 2.0????

  10. This is a really good thing you're doing here! I'm glad it will continue! :)

  11. Coolness! This has been a fun way to compare writing styles and garner feedback. Great idea, DL!

  12. Hooray! Congrats to the winners, and Yay! Write club goes on! Fun stuff, DL! Can't wait to see how it ends up. :o) <3

  13. I guess that goes to show that a lot of people are reading your WRiTE CLUB and following it, even if they aren't commenting. (Which is a shame since it's such fun to comment!) I think some people were worried about hurting the writer's feelings, but, well, the writer volunteered for this ... so I feel justified :)

  14. Hey, amazing job MCing the initial rounds of WRiTE CLUB. I'm looking forward to the next round of rrrrhuuuuumbles!

  15. How exciting! Good luck to all of the candidates! What a great prize for them to be working toward :)




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