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WRiTE CLUB Returns to the Coffee Shop

Writer Gold: I don’t want to startle any of you, but we’re being watched.

Writer Green: *looking around* Really? By who? Is it that stud yoga instructor from next door?

Writer Gold: Well, I guess watched isn’t the right word.  Maybe…read?  Definitely observed.

Writer Red:  What the heck are you talking about?

Writer Gold:  It’s difficult to explain.

Writer Blue: You’re a writer, surely you can find the words.  

Writer Gold:  You’re right…okay…here goes…the readers of DL’s blog are watching and listening to us right now.

Writer Green: So, it’s not the yoga stud?

Writer Red:  What do you mean the readers of DL’s blog are watching us?  You mean DL Hammons?  The blogger?

Writer Gold:  *nods head*

Writer Blue: How can they be watching us?  Do you mean he’s set up some sort of web-cam feed in here?  Isn’t that an invasion of privacy?

Writer Gold:  It’s not a web-cam.  His readers can’t actually see us, but they know every move that we make and every word that we say.

Writer Green: *whispering* Even this?

Writer Gold:  Even that.

Writer Red:  How is that even possible?

Writer Gold:  I told you it was hard to explain.  Suffice it to say that our little critique group is the focus of his blog post today.

Writer Blue: Are you trying to say that we are all imaginary characters?

Writer Red:  Oh, that would be so awesome if it were true because then I wouldn’t have to pay that imaginary electric bill I got in the mail this morning.

Writer Gold:  What are you doing Green?

Writer Green: I just felt my makeup needed a little touching up, that’s all.  Is this like being on TV?  You know how they say it adds ten pounds.

Writer Gold:  I told you…they can’t actually see us.  DL has never really described us to his readers.  He prefers them to use their own imagination.

Writer Red:  You might want to re-think that cheese cake though.

Writer Blue: And why is it Gold that you know all about this?  Has DL peeked in on us before?

Writer Gold: Yes he has…numerous times.  I’ve just recently became aware of what’s going on.

Writer Blue: Why you?

Writer Gold: I can’t really say.  Maybe it’s because -- out of the four of us I’m the one closest in temperament to him.

Writer Red:  Then he must be conceded as well?

Writer Gold: There’s no need to be hurtful.

Writer Green: Well that concludes Red’s contribution to the discussion.

Writer Blue: Why today?  Why is DL looking in on us today?

Writer Gold: My guess…because we were talking about WRiTE CLUB.

Writer Red:  So, we’re a promotional tool?

Writer Gold: That’s one way to look at it.

Writer Blue: I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Writer Green: I say we just go on doing what we were doing and discuss WRiTE CLUB like we were.  We shouldn’t let the fact that our behavior is being observed by another writer change what we would normally do.

Writer Red: For once, Green makes sense.  Screw it…let’s talk about WRiTE CLUB.

Writer Gold:  That’s the spirit.  So, where were we?

Writer Blue: Talking about the changes for this year.

Writer Red: Okay…ummmm…*clears throat*… I think they’re good.

Writer Gold:  Really?  They’re good?  That’s all you have to say? And you sound like a robot.

Writer Red: What? I mean…I like the shortened season, I like having the submissions pre-screened…and I really like the chance of winning a gift card by just voting.  What’s not to like?

Writer Blue: What about the one and done?  In the previous versions if you lost a bout you always had the chance of getting picked to fight again, but that won’t happen this year. What if the two stongest pieces of writing are matched against one another in the very first round, isn’t it a shame that the loser won’t have a chance to come back?

Writer Red: First off, having a second shot was something that I think ticked off a lot of people before.  Why should someone get a second bite at the apple when there were plenty of other writers waiting for their first bite?  And besides, if I know DL…he has something up his sleeve to address that possibility.

Writer Green: Point of order!

Writer Blue: Green, this is a critique group…not the appellate court.

Writer Green: I was one of those who got selected for a second bout in the first year and I ended up losing again.  Getting picked again isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Writer Gold:  You know what really gets me?  Mrs. DL.  This year she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer, undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, is in the midst of undergoing chemo, and she STILL wants to be part of this for him.  In my book, that goes beyond support!

Writer Red, Writer Blue, and Writer Green: *chorus of amens*

Writer Gold:  DL did streamline the submission process for her though.  What do you think of the compressed time for receiving entries this year?

Writer Blue: I understand the necessity of it, but it’s got to cut down on the number of people who get to enter the contest.  It’s so hard to get the word out to everyone in just a month…the blogosphere is so massive.

Writer Green:  I’ve talked about it several times on my blog.

Writer Red: Ditto.

*uncomfortable silence*

Writer Red: Why is it that I feel like we should break into a dance or something?


  1. Aloha,


    I've got the badge high on my page and posted about WRiTE CLUB recently, (and you know I will continue promoting:)

    But, after reading the Colors, is it OK if I just stop by to offer CyberHugs to Mrs. DL?

    ((MRS. DL :))

  2. Hugs, thoughts and prayers to Mrs DL. Wow, you have quite a lady there. I actually like the short entry time. I tend to tinker.

    I think all my blogger friends know about the CLUB, but I've shared and posted on Facebook a few times and some of those friends have signed up. Yay!

    It was fun 'watching' the Colors :)

  3. YOur wife is experiencing an enormous situation. She's a trouper for helping. I am a 25 year survivor of the same disease and procedure. My prayers and hugs to her, and to you...her devoted husband. I too like the short entry time.

  4. I think the coffee shop gals are just being paranoid. We aren't watching them. We are watching the electronic recreation of a collection of digital data grouped as a "blog," of which, one segment is structured as a particular "post", made up of bits of ones and zeros, combined in ways to form varying "pixels" on a monitor, with assorted shapes we consider to be "letters," which form what our conventional understanding associates as "words," which we interpret to have objective meaning, although our subjective life experiences cannot help but shape that meaning.

    But Writer Red is still free to dance if she wants... ;^)

    OK, all smart-assery aside, I have four (amazingly, actually relevant) things to say:

    1. I'm really looking forward to WRiTE Club!!!!
    2. I'm humbled and honored to be able to contribute to it in any way I can.
    3. I think the new format is great.
    3. Kim is an amazing woman and I send her and you my warmest thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, and:

      3. Evidently, I have difficulty in counting to four... :)

  5. Hilarious!
    I like the changes. Think things will move along faster that way.

  6. HAH!! I love how meta this was!
    I've been spreading the word. And the badge on my blog is HUGE!

  7. Your wife rocks. I will write about write club on my blog today.

  8. Looking forward to reading the entries - My Write Club badge is at the top of my side-bar :)

  9. Ha ha ha - I think this was the best coffee shop yet! And add my "Amen" to the chorus! Your wife is amazing!

  10. I will post about it on Friday. I also want to offer cyber hugs to Mrs. DL. And some high fives because she is so going to kick cancer butt!

  11. Ha! I wonder what the electric company would do if I refused to pay my bill on the grounds that it was imaginary.

    Kudos to your wife. She's amazing and I love that she's keeping involved and busy. Prayers to the both of you.

  12. My next blog (a probably a few more later) will give a shout out to the WRiTE Club!
    Thanks again to DL for hosting and adapting to the demand from last year!
    Very special thanks to Kim for co-hosting, supporting and responding to my every inquiry personally, despite everything going on in her life!
    And regarding everyone's personal feelings about the change, I say this:
    You like the changes? Thank DL
    You don't like the changes? Host your own WRiTE Club (by another name, obviously) and see if it goes HALF as well as this 'un!!

  13. Ha HA! This is great. I gave you a shout-out on my blog on June 14 and your badge is prominently displayed near the top.

    My best to your wife. She's been through so much, and still helps you with this. What a woman.

  14. I guess it's your own fault for making WRiTE CLUB so popular. I can't wait to see the entries.

    Love and hugs to Mrs. DL.

  15. AND, don't forget, Mrs. DL somehow still finds time to read and critique very bad rough drafts from some weird girl. ;) Sending many, many hugs to her. What a lady! Can't wait for WRiTE Club to start!

  16. Yay! It's going to be a blast. Can't wait to see all the awesome entries this year.

  17. I talked about WRiTE CLUB on my blog today! I'm looking forward to seeing the entries and voting!!

    PS) Is your wife Wonder Woman? It's veeery suspicious. Try and stay awake tonight and see if she puts on red and blue spandex and go-go boots and dashes out the window. :)

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  18. I will mention you and the Write Club in my next post :D

    Mrs. DL is a super heroine! I'm sending her my thoughts n' prayers! @>---------

    Funny, now after seeing the color you used and reading your post...Reading Rainbow came to my mind!

  19. Mrs. DL, you are amazing! And a big thank you to you, DL, for putting together Write Club. It's my first experience and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  20. LOL; I talked about it a few times on my blog too :) And Ms DL is a saint for doing all this for us. The new guidelines sit well with me.


  21. Oh, man is this funny! I'm with Writer Gold - give Kim our sincere thanks for putting up with us:) Here's to fighting the good fight!




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