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20 Things I Just Don't Get

1. Honey Boo Boo (or any other reality TV for that matter)
2. Justin Beiber
3. The Kardashians (take your pick)
4. Politics
5. eReaders (okay, I get it…I just can’t adapt to it)
6. Tattoo’s or Body Piercings (other than ear rings)
7. People still driving with multiple DUI’s on their records.
8. Rap Music
9. Hate
10. British Royalty
11. Prescription Pills that cost $15,000…PER PILL!
12. Comedians who consider personal insults a form of humor.
13. Parents who put up with derogatory back-talk from their kids.
14. High Fashion.
15. Low Expectations.
16. Who vs. Whom.
17. Seven SAW films.
18. People who run marathons...FOR FUN.
19. Twitter.
20. The fact that me and many of my blogging buddies aren’t published yet…and Snooki is.

Bonus - The fact that I know who Snooki is!

I guess I don't have a clue.  What is it you don't get?

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  1. Your list is awesome. I do get the eReaders though. Almost get the Twitter. But the rest?
    And people who text while driving. Don't get that either.

  2. I don't get why my seven dollars a bottle bathroom cleaner doesn't do jack to the dirt in my shower, but the baking soda and bleach I mixed up yesterday cleaned it in about two minutes.

  3. Ha! Great list... and you really don't want my detailed input on some of the above!
    A great topic for a bloghop DL (when Write Club is over...)
    Writer In Transit

  4. Great list. I totally don't get tattoo's or body piercing and am glad my daughter hasn't gotten into it. I do get e-readers though I prefer print books and also get Twitter, though I'm not on yet.

  5. I don't get people who use Facedbook to constantly complain about their lives. It makes me sad reading their posts. I also don't get the Snooki thing. But, she does have a platform

  6. Great list! (although I love my ereader!) Im not sure who/what a Honey Boo Boo is, and I've decided against googling to find out :P

  7. This is a great list! I don't get why the laundry pile never seems to diminish, no matter how much laundry I do. Ugh.

    *Off to start the washer...again*

  8. Nice to know I'm not alone in my head-shaking over the things that seem to occupy so much of the world.

  9. Great list! I agree with most of these. (Although I do love my ereader. :) I still love me 'real' books, too.)

  10. I don't get mathematics beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percents, and fractions. Beyond that, what's the point? You can do everything necessary with the math I just listed.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  11. I'm good on #16.
    I'm not clear about Snooki other than that she has orange skin or something.

  12. I'm with you other than the ereader. Love my ereader. Still love books, they just give me more options on how and when I can read. With little kids reading on my phone is sooooo much easier than carting around a book.

  13. HAHAHA! Agreed on the list. It makes me sad to think of all the "celebrities" who have gotten published. Maybe we should start a reality TV show and get famous from that. Then the book deals will roll in ;)

  14. I can explain tattoos, cuz I have one with great personal meaning to me.

    I also taught English so: who is used as a subject and whom for object.

    The rest of the list seems fine to me, except don't get between me and my Kindle. For me, part of the draw (besides carrying a suitcase of books in one slim little device) is that my fused wrist makes it hard to hold a regular book for very long.

    Cooking shows are reality TV, but totally worth it.

    I guess I'm in an argumentative mood since my son's car just failed emissions for the second time...and we got up early to beat the crowds since it's the end of the month...

    Tina @ Life is Good

  15. Oh this is such a great list! I get 6, 18, & 19. I have many of #6, just did a 4 hr bike challange this weekend and running a 3k in August - I know that isn't really a marathon, and I get Twitter - sorta.
    Everything else I agree with you on!

  16. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A kindred spirit. All the way down the line.

    Well, I do understand the rule on who vs. whom but I don't get why we should bother with it.

  17. Identify with the list!
    I don't understand when, why, or how the news changed to Entertainment Tonight.
    How the major food companies can poison our food and get away with it.
    And I don't understand it when an 'intelligent' person says they love 'Housewives' reality. Then again, maybe I don't understand the word 'intelligent'!
    And grammar rules will always puzzle me...

  18. Funny, but I agree with you on a lot of these: 1,3,12,16,and 20. And what LD Masterson said about who vs whom. . .

  19. It's funny the things we don't get...your list is spot on for many of per the comments. The marathon runner thingy made me think of cyclers who ride for miles and miles, hunched over the handle bars with that thing called a seat stuck up theirs...and that's for fun??? I will never get that? Who's Snooki???

    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Tombstone Tuesday...Who Was Inez?

  20. I hear you!

    And I agree with Julie that we should start a reality show and then we can get our books published. There's got to a market for a show about people who blog, work, write and take care of their families--we could focus on the craziness that makes it all work. :)

  21. So I do get tattoos and ereaders, but the rest of your list, oh yeah...boy do I get it. The one about Snooki struck a chord with me, multiple chords actually, like one big slap to a piano keyboard kind of chord.

    On a totally shallow angle, I don't get why runway models look angry. Most look gorgeous, or are they upset they've had to pass on the big macs all their lives to maintain their height of a giraffe while weighing no more than a ten year old?

  22. That's a great list, DL. When I lived in NM, every Sunday they posted the people who had received DWI's that week. The highest offender - it was his 28th time. Why is that man not in jail for a long, long time?

  23. Interesting list and I have to agree with most, BUT on #5 - I have to say; I love my Kindle. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like the smell and feel of a real book, but when you move as much as I do, and read all of the time, there simply isn't enough muscle.

    Here's something I don't get. There are 137 people on the Linky List for Fight Club and the comments rarely top 50. What happened to the other 87. I guess I can understand the 'sour grapes' of those who were not selected to participate, but that still leaves a large number of people who simply pooped out.

  24. I am guilty of number 6, as I have a tattoo. But I agree about everything else.

  25. What a great list! I wish more people didn't get the same things you do so no one would have to get them ever again. Reality TV tops my list, too. I love number 20... and 13, 18, 7, 6... well, you get the picture.

  26. Well, i do have my share of tats. They're pretty addictive. And i do watch reality TV - BUT!! (and this is an important distinction) i only watch reality competition shows, like Top Chef, or Face Off etc. You know, so the people actually have to have skills and do something, other than being trashy or creating drama.
    Also i love my kindle.

    Also, Michael Offut wrote a post last week or so about the amount of money the Royal Family generates for the economy and how much it actually lowers the tax rates for the populace, so when you look at it like that, it actually starts to make some sense i guess

  27. Haha! Great list and I can relate to most of them but...I do have a tat.... (;

  28. I so agree with almost every point you made! But please don't get me started on what I don't get. We don't have that long. :)

  29. I agree with most of your list. However, I do "get" a lot of it, and I think that you do, too. You just don't like it. The population is a low information, fast everything sort of public. That goes from the voting to entertainment. If I said that standards are low, would you relate to that? If I said that people like it that way, would you understand that? Unfortunately, society is being dumbed down at the most crucial level (education) and the reflection of that is manifesting itself everywhere. Anyone who still believes that it is a coincidence that kids are more stupid today than they were 20 or 30 years ago is in denial. This isn't an accident. This is purposeful. It is happening at school and it is rippling out from there. If kids cannot think for themselves then they will accept low quality entertainment in their music, television, and literature. That is why reality TV, Justin Bieber, rap music, and authors like Snooki are so popular.

    It is also why people don't know when to use than or then and the majority of people think could of is actually spelled that way.

    I still love actual books, but space is an issue for me. To combat this problem, I have donated hundreds of books to the library. It nearly killed me, but it had to be done. The only thing that made it bearable was my Kindle. I have learned to love it, simply because it holds all of my books in one place. Also, not all rap music is terrible. Some of it is very well written, with very inspirational lyrics, but you have to wade through a lot of crap to find the gems;)

  30. But...but Twitter is awesome. I can talk to anyone I want on there. More importantly, my family isn't on it.

  31. I agree with most of yours, too, DL! About the only one I can think of right now is the lack of courtesy and manners these days! (I sound like my grandma!)

  32. Great list and we must be of similar age, dude...

    Let's just kick back to some kickin' '80s music, grab some old VCR's from Blockbuster and watch St. Elsewhere or ER :)

    Cheers for the smiles ;)

  33. I was having a discussion with my son just yesterday about Comedians insulting people--especially those they're closest to, and calling it funny. Brr?

    I'm with you on many of these.

  34. Ha ha! I agree with some these. Twitter's fun though! I kinda went overboard praising it on our writers' forum the other day:

  35. How about lie vs. lay? Why is the plural of cul-de-sac, culs-de-sac? And where have all the anvils gone?

    I do run marathons for fun, though. Well, maybe not fun, but they were exhilarating and I wasn't forced into it.

    *high-fives you for this list* (*This* is something done on Twitter that I really don't understand. And why only on Twitter? Why not in emails or on blog post comments?)

  36. I'm with you on all but #17. I enjoyed the character arks of Jigsaw and Amanda.

    Worse than Snookie being published is that people have read it. The same people who are all, "Wait, that Gatsby movie is based on a book?"

  37. I NEVER watch reality TV. Ever. Fun list!

  38. Oh geez, there are so many things on this list that I don't get either, however, I don't mind tattoos, ereaders, or British Royalty. On behalf of Canada, I'd like to apologize for giving you Justin Bieber. That wasn't very nice of us. And number eighteen is one I've been trying to figure out for years now. My husband is a marathon runner. It's his passion. I don't get it, but I cheer him on at the finish line. Maybe someday I'll understand although I highly doubt it. Great list!

  39. I love this list, and don't get so many things you've mentioned. I get the reason for eReaders, I have one because I live in a tiny house and just don't have room for all of the books I'd like.
    I'm fascinated with the Royal family, and feel a part of history with the new heir arriving, but I wonder how long they will remain significant.

    I particularly don't get point 13, and my sister is one of these. I can't believe the things her kids get away with. Whenever my daughter spends any time with them she tries to act the same and it takes days to get her back to normal again.

  40. Great list, Don. I like learning about the British Royalty. They need something to cheer about, I think. But totally agree on the Kardashiains and Snooki. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  41. I'll just copy your list, thank you. Of course, I'll give you credit. :-)

  42. I love this - and love the earlier suggestion of it being a fab blog hop topic :)

    Agree with them all, except I love the Royal Family - being British I can't imagine them not being here. They're great for tourism and therefore a lot of employment etc. Their role has completely changed over the centuries but I think they're an asset :)

    Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

  43. I agree with almost all of these! (Sorry I didn't comment earlier - on a trip and my phone won't let me comment so I have to wait until a time when I'm around a computer...)

  44. I'm clueless about so many things in this world - especially things that the media think is important. I recognize the name Kardashian because its in the news all the time, same as Snooki, but I really don't know what their importance is. Much like I never got why Monica Luensky was such a public figure, other than the president got caught with his pants down with her. Like a President having an affair with his staff is news!





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