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WRiTE CLUB Playoffs - Quarterfinal Winners

Here are your WRiTE CLUB Quarterfinal Winners for 2013:

 Alone Muleshoe

And the wildcard winner for the second playoff round in a row is:

 Imalie Teller

We are almost down to the nub.  The semi-finals begin tomorrow...posted on Monday and Wednesday...and only two can emerge victorious.  These are the last two bouts open for voting from the readers.  Here's a reminder about how it will play out.  

In the semi-finals our writers have the opportunity to "tweak" their current 500 word submission based on the input voters have left for them.  Those "tweaked" submissions will go to battle -- again via random selection -- where two will become finalist.  No wildcard in this round.

The two fighters who make it to the finals will be asked to once more submit new 500 word writing samples, and that will be what is forwarded to our celebrity judges. Of course I'll post them here on my blog for you to comment on, but it will be our judges who make the final selection.

The tension is downright palatable!

Please spread the word about what is happening here.  Anyone can still vote, as long as they register on the Linky List.


  1. Wow. This feels like it has gone by so quickly. Congrats to the winners!

  2. How exciting! Congratulations winners!

  3. Congratulations all!

    Great competition!

  4. Congratulations to the winners!

    This will be a tough week for us voters to have to try and choose from some excellent competition!

  5. CONGRATS to the quarterfinal winners!




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