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Second verse . . . same as the first.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t sit down and dream up these wild pledges to ourselves at the first of the year.  Instead, they get re-cycled from year to year or from points within the year.  At least that’s the way it is for me.  Changes I contemplate are either on-going struggles or transformations I’ve temporarily abandoned or neglected.  Shrink my body (Lose weight . . . eat healthier . . . exercise more).  Expand my brain (read more . . . write more . . . take a class).  Invigorate my being (be a better person . . . come out of my shell . . . strive to become more involved).  Goals are a necessary tool for change, and just because we don’t achieve them as often as we’d like is no reason to abandon them…or stop creating them.

What’s different . . . and the key to realizing these desired changes . . . is your resolve.  The obstacles, lying in wait to trip us up, are numerous.  Expect them.  Plan for them.  Fortify yourself by remembering that stumbling across one does not end the journey.  That’s what life is all about, overcoming barriers and adapting.  I see far too many people who give up on themselves because of one simple slip.  Sometimes I think that they secretly welcome it, using their perceived failure to escape the burden of trying.  But if they just saw for what it is, a setback, one that they could have even anticipated, then they wouldn’t have to settle for “maybe next year”.  And when those unforeseeable complications (major medical issues, loss, financial crisis, etc.) raise their ugly heads, be patient. Time is a healer that abides no short-cuts. 

Enough of the soapbox. 

I have seen my fair share of obstacles, but I’m resolute in the belief that 2015 will see one of my novels published, or represented by an agent, one or the other.  I now have years of writing under my belt…multiple books and short stories in my repertoire…and I’m part of a wonderful CP group. My confidence is higher than ever.

And I’m going to continue to grow this blog.  How do I do that?  Not by pulling in followers by offering contests or give-a-ways (although I’m not saying I’ll totally against that), but rather by being entertaining and having interesting things to say.  There are hundreds of aspiring author blogs out here, all documenting their own quest for publication, and if I can’t stand out amongst them then what hope can I have of achieving my own dream?

2015 starts Thursday…but it is not the beginning.   

Let’s go!  What do you say?


  1. Time is definitely a healer that abides no short-cuts. Yes, let's go! and keep going!

  2. I think some people do welcome the obstacles.
    Growing your blog is a good goal - quality content, reaching out to others and connecting, etc.
    Here's to 2015!

  3. And the setbacks are always things you're not expecting too. So being prepared doesn't always help…
    Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Don .. well done - it's keeping going, being positive with 'different' interesting content to the norm and encouraging all those around us ... our connectivity grows organically ... then we can spread our wings ...

    2015 is tomorrow .. and here's to a great year with success, happiness, health and just being who we are ... cheers Hilary

  5. Hoping 2015 brings you and your family all kinds of joys and success! :)

  6. High Five! 2015 is going to rock! SO SAY I!

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family, DL!

  8. Happy New Year!

    I agree - it's the same with me. my friend. My resolutions this year are nothing but do-over attempts to address familiar obstacles -- they're RE-solutions to long-standing issues. I want to write more, finish the rough draft of my novel, stay on top of my CP critiquing commitment, generate more music, and grow my blog. I'm even starting a "Create52" initiative on my blog every Monday in 2105 as hopefully a kick-in-the-pants to help get work done.

    You know you have my full and utmost support, Don! Let's kick some butt in 2015!

  9. DL, I hope that 2015 is all that you want it to be. Happy New Year!

  10. I too believe that 2015 has GREAT things in store for you, Don! This is the year things will start coming together - I can feel it. Hoping that everything you wish for will come true, because you've got what it takes: resolve, determination, talent, the whole nine yards!

  11. Good content is king. Look forward to reading what you offer up here. Happy New Year.

  12. I say yes! I feel like I've said so much before, and I struggle with what is "interesting." But I know YOU can do it! Maybe you'll inspire me too. :)

  13. Wishing us all a year of overcoming obstacles. Happy 2015, DL.




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