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Timeless & Huntress Found - A Pair of Awesome Book Releases

One of the first things you learn as an aspiring author is you need to surround yourself with talented people who force you to bring your best to the table everyday. Luckily, I've done just that and I'm offering up some proof today by introducing a pair of book releases by a couple of my awesome critique partners -- Crystal Collier and Alexia Chamberlynn. I'm so proud of these ladies...and more than a little bit gratified in knowing that in a small way I helped shape the outcome. Take a close look at both of these releases, because you'll need to add them to your collection SOON!

First up...Timeless by Crystal Collier, the third and final entry in her Maiden of Time series was released earlier this month.

The Maiden of Time Series:

The romance of Jane Eyre meets Supernatural.

In a world where people can heal with a touch, kill with a scream, and rob a person of their memories, Alexia is struggling to find her place and learn her gifts--before the Soulless come for her.

Genre: YA Paranormal Historical
Release Date: November 1, 2016


In 1771, Alexia had everything: the man of her dreams, reconciliation with her father, even a child on the way. But she was never meant to stay. It broke her heart, but Alexia heeded destiny and traveled five hundred years back to stop the Soulless from becoming.

In the thirteenth century, the Holy Roman Church has ordered the Knights Templar to exterminate the Passionate, her bloodline. As Alexia fights this new threat—along with an unfathomable evil and her own heart—the Soulless genesis nears. But none of her hard-won battles may matter if she dies in childbirth before completing her mission.

Can Alexia escape her own clock?
You can buy this, or any of the books in the series, right HERE
Next up, Huntress Found by A.A. Chamberlynn.  

Series: The Timekeeper’s War, Book One
Release Day: 11/11/16
Category: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Mythology Mashup with Sci-Fi and Steampunk

From the author of the bestselling Zyan Star fantasy series comes a new world of magic...

Evryn’s got mad skills at playing hide and seek. She can find lost children, hack the most secure databases, pretty much anything. Except for the one thing she desires most: the knowledge of who her parents are, why they abandoned her, and what her special talent means about who and what she really is.

So, when a guy named Seeker appears quite literally out of nowhere, claiming to know about her past and offering her a job, Evryn can’t say yes fast enough. Even if it does mean following him to another realm. As in, mind-blowingly, not Earth. Apparently she’s part of an elite clan of Hunters descending from Artemis who can find just about anything in all of time and space. As the last of Artemis’ direct lineage, Evryn is her clan’s best shot at finding a lost city before rival clans do.

Not just any city, but the flying, realm-hopping city of Skye. Aboard Skye is the Artifex, a magical device with the power to create or destroy worlds. Everyone wants the device, and with Evryn’s super-powered lineage, it means everyone wants her, too. It’s hard to decide who she can trust, even within her own clan. After she discovers a strange, alluring connection to the Artifex, she’s not even sure she can trust herself. Worse yet, the only person who may be able to help her is the Timekeeper, the sadistic ancient being who created the Artifex. An interdimensional war is brewing, and Evryn is right at the epicenter of it all.

Let the hunt begin.

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Both of these books will guarantee hour upon hour of reading enjoyment, so do yourself a favor and point/click right now! 

Congratulations Crystal and Alexia! 


  1. Hi DL - good to see you put up two promotions ... both with Alexias in ... one of an Alexia - who covers 700 years of history, the other by an Alexia who writes Sci-Fi ... interesting books both of them - cheers Hilary

  2. Aw! Thanks for the shout, Don! Hilary nailed that on the head--two Alexias in one post. LOL.

  3. Well, I certainly can't argue with anything you've said here. Congratulations to my crit partners. Talented ladies both.

  4. Two very talented authors mentioned here!

  5. Congratulations to both authors. I've read the first book in Crystal's series and need to get busy with the others. A. A.'s novel is new to me. Thanks for telling us about them.




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