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The world has been turned upside down by tiny virus, no doubt about it, but in a time where social distancing and self-isolation has become the norm, now more than ever we need both reminders that we will return to normal very soon, and something to keep our mind occupied and our thoughts focused on something more positive. In this vein, I give you the return of WRiTE CLUB.

Head on over to the WRiTE CLUB page to find out everything you need to know about this year's contest.


  1. It's all done online so totally safe!

  2. Good luck and I do hope this year's WRiTE CLUB will have lots of excellent entries ... take care of you and your family and stay safe ... all the best Hilary

  3. We definitely need things to keep us grounded.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this wellness information with us. thank you willing to share! Greetings success of admin Cetak Murah Hopefully the current world conditions are improving and returning to normal

  5. :)

    (BTW-- Blogger is doing a "thing" where if you re-upload the same image over and over, it gives that gray no entry circle thing. I had to fix a bunch of stuff for Operation Awesome. If you know HTML, you'll see the problem right away. It's putting in "junk code." If you need help, hit me up.)




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