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WRiTE CLUB 2020 - A Champion Crowned

Let me introduce you to Daniel L. Link, or you may know him as A. Lynne Smithee, our WRiTE CLUB Champion for 2020.

Daniel L. Link lives in Northern California where he writes short stories, novels, and flash fiction. He's an assistant editor of the Gold Man Review. His work has been featured in the HCE Review, the Lowestoft Chronicle, the Eastern Iowa Review, the Penmen Review, the Copperfield Review, the Esthetic Apostle, the Soliloquies Anthology, and others. His first novel, Cry Wolf, is slated for publication late in 2020 with Fawkes Press. Examples of his short stories can be found at Daniel now has a free pass to the 2021 DFW Writers Conference and a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card.  CONGRATS Daniel!

Our 1st runner-up and recipient of a $75 Amazon gift card is proof positive that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Scottish is actually Catherine Link.

Retired and living in Hamilton County Texas, Catherine Link is a painter who teaches private students and sometimes accepts commissions. When Catherine was a teenager, she wrote poetry. Then in the 1990s, she wrote a couple of novels, just to see if she could. Later she found that she enjoyed writing short stories. They are like therapy for her, calming her nerves and taking her away from everyday life for a while. Catherine has had short stories published in Dragon Poet Review, Corner Bar Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Bewildering Stories.She is married to Robert Link, also an artist and burgeoning writer. They have two grown sons. Douglas, who lives in Waco and enjoys painting, and Daniel, who lives in Northern California. Catherine and Daniel had the pleasure of competing against each other in this year’s contest.

Here's a breakdown of how our celebrity judges voted. Because there was no conference this year and our access to agents was seriously crimped, the number of judges had to be reduced.

The feedback provided have been forwarded to both of the finalist. These writers have proved themselves to be extremely talented and I predict nothing but good things in their literary futures.

There are some other winners we also need to announce. They are - 

Karen Stanley - won the Random Voting prize of a $60 Barnes and Noble gift card.

There were only eight readers who voted in all 27 bouts.  They were -

J Lenni Dorner
Kate Larkindale
Michelle Kadin
Perrin Birk
Required Field Must not be Blank

The prize of  Voting In Every Bout, which is a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card, is Perrin Birk.

J Lenni Dorner - won for the best WRiTE CLUB Promotional Campaign and takes home a $40 Barnes & Noble gift card

Will all the winners please contract me so delivery arrangements can be made.

The contest was a success once again, although COVID made sure it wasn't the record setting year like we've seen previously. There were only ninety-five submissions, but we averaged 42 critiques/votes per bout. On a positive note we did have 39,807 page views while the contest was running, which was only slightly down from last year.

Now that the contest is over we encourage the other writers who made it into the bouts to reveal their true identities in the comments below. People who have read your work really want to keep in touch with you and your work, so why not remove that mask? No pressure though. If you want to remain anonymous, we respect that choice.

Thank you to everyone for making WRiTE CLUB what it is.


  1. Congratulations! And how exciting for it to be a mother-son competition! I hope to see them both at DFW Con next year.
    I'll take off the mask (just for Write Club though) and reveal myself as Dovey Grimm. I hope other contestants will do the same, I'd love to follow their writing as there were some great pieces in this contest.
    My facebook page:
    Connect with me on Twitter:

    1. Dovey Grimm! One of my favorites. Your story was wonderful. It drew me right in and kept me reading. I will be following you.

      Catherine Link

  2. Hang on a minute, I’m not done kicking myself. It was my personal goal to vote in every bout this year and I made it all the way through the first 26 and planned on voting in the semi-final, but I mixed up the dates and missed the deadline. (Doh!).

    Anyway, congratulations to the Daniel and Catherine! Amazing to see a mother and son duel. Also, congrats to all the other finalists. Reading your stories helped to make the past few months in lockdown bearable.

    Thanks to D.L. and K.H. for all your hard work running the contest and to the celebrity judges who participated.

    Now, I remove of my mask, but only the top part, cuz social distancing, and reveal that I am Lady Moonsong. @maryfranholm on Twitter.

    1. Yes, the story of the child and the wizard. Such a good one. There were so many outstanding stories, as always with Write Club.

    2. Thanks, Catherine. Loved yours too. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!

    This year was a stressful educational marathon that helped me grow and improve as a writer, thank you DL and K.H. for putting it together!

    Joining in on the unmasking I am Wizard Inc and you can connect with me on

    Twitter: @NikolaiWisekal

    And search my name on Facebook!

    1. I forgot to thank you Nikolai for doing the audios. That was a great addition this year. You've got a new Twitter fan!

    2. Thank you Daniel! It was a great experience.

    3. Yes, thank you so much for doing the audios. That was so generous, and wonderful to listen to.

  4. Congratulations Daniel and Catherine! And thanks to DL and wife for doing all the behind the scenes work, and to the judges. It's been a lot of fun!

    I will join this unmasking and reveal myself as Valley Bird.

    1. I don't think I even knew you entered. I voted for you in Cage 5! I'm already following you everywhere because Operation Awesome rules!

    2. I loved your work!! Awesome job Kate!

  5. Kate, your story was moving and realistic and so relevant. It was a powerful piece. Good work.

  6. Congrats to the winners!!!
    I missed a lot of voting this year because life is nuts. Even though I haven't entered, I do enjoy the yearly contest!

  7. Congrats to the winners!

    DL- I emailed you with a question.

  8. I was Annie Corvino and also a slushpile reader (not that that helped my piece once I was paired against the devastating Scottish!). Because I loved so many writings even that didn't make the initial 30, am hoping to connect with Circle Slide, Damien Jakarta, Fishin' Impossible, Ivernia, J.P. Devenish, Luxor, Mattie XTX, Miss_Sunflower, MySquishy, P. Baker, Patrick Seaworthy, RepoMan, Wanda Lust, Who Me,

  9. Also with Wink N.A. Smile. Already crazy about you, WizardInc! Also to readers Brandi Schonberg, Stacyeam11,E Aemellius for insightful comments. There were others, but some I'm already FB friends with.

  10. Wasn't aware that contestants could be slush pile judges too.

    1. It doesn't happen often, but we allow it when we have difficulty finding enough readers. They're not allowed to vote for themselves though, which puts them at a disadvantage.

  11. I meant to return here earlier, but ... life. And a defective gallbladder needing removal. The mask is off. I'm Luxor. Perrin Birk is my pen name. You can find me on twitter hiding behind my true identity: @LynGoodpaster. And I really meant what I said in an earlier post -- I appreciated ALL the feedback on my entry. So many excellent entries this year!

  12. I had so much fun as a contestant and a reader this year. It was a nice focus with the world gone haywire.

    I'm Tara Roquemore and I was Miss Sunflower for the competition. I saved all my feedback as notes on my work. Thank you to all the readers!

  13. Thank you readers and contestants from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful experience! DL and KH I appreciate your dedication and hard work to host this wonderful contest. Congratulations to the winners, mother and son, how awesome! I wish you the very best!
    I am Tanya Tittle and I wrote under the name West Texas Woman, hence “WT Woman.” If I remember correctly I think I was in bout #11. I so appreciate having been chosen to go in the ring. I learned so many things from the critiques and comments. I’m helping raise my grandchildren and with all the joy that entails plus a Covid 19 year, I really needed this contest! Thank you all. Please stay safe.

  14. Hi to you all - congratulations on the winner/s ... especially Daniel, who won ... and Catherine who came most important runner-up ... well done. Excellent DL that you've handled the write club through the pandemic weeks and found more than one outstanding author of short stories. Good luck to all - take care - Hilary

  15. Hey DL-
    Have you heard anything about the gift card from DFW?
    Just curious if they forget about you or something.




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