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Returning to the Scene of the Crime

I was getting anxious.

I needed something to work on. I currently have two books on submission and a 3rd being considered for submission. I've already written a sequel to one of the books on submission. I didn't want to start a new story (or another sequel) until I knew if submissions would payoff. 

There was nothing left for me to work on...except one thing.

The first. The very first novel I ever wrote a dozen years ago. It has been sitting on the shelf almost this whole time. The embarrassment. Yeah, it was that bad. But I knew that its core was solid. The premise, plot, characters...all worthy. It was the narrative that sucked.

Another problem was that it was 135,000 words long (like I said, the narrative sucked). I didn't know back then that a mystery novel from a first-time novelist wouldn't sell at that length. But cutting 45,000 words—a third of the book—was insurmountable. So I put it away and moved on.

After being left with nothing else to work on, I accepted the challenge. 

Although I have a bit more work to do, this morning I finished the first re-draft, coming in at 95,000 words. I like it now, a lot!

Wouldn't it be weird if the first novel I get published turns out to be my original....a dozen years after it was penned?

Crazier things have happened, right?


  1. My first every story was the first published - so you never know!

  2. LOL - it would be weird, but publishing is weird already.

  3. Hey, you never know! There could be gold in "them thar pages."

    I had a productive month reading for a read-a-thon, writing a few book reviews, checking in with hospitalized family members, and writing a WEP flash fiction.
    Have you seen the notebook on the current (Aug 25) giveaway at Operation Awesome? That is some amazing custom art. Debut authors are always surprising me.
    I'm ready for the summer heat to be over. 🥵

  4. Yay for taking on the challenge! I have a similarly lengthy long-ago novel I could try going back to... Good luck with your submissions!




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