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You’ve been away for a while. The amount of time doesn’t matter…what does is the feeling you get when you step back through that front door. It’s hard to describe. It is so much more than a domicile, shelter. There’s a sense of peace, tranquility, the comfort you feel when you wrap yourself in a soft blanket on a wet chilly morning. It’s also the sense of familiarity. A combination of smells and touches that only exist in this one place. You allow yourself to relax whatever defense mechanisms you employ when away because you are acquainted with every inch of your surroundings, and the people who occupy it. Your favorite spot is pulling at you when it’s time to read, watch TV, or listen to music. Reveling in uninhibited freedom.

It is a singular feeling when you return…home.

It is also that same feeling a writer gets when he/she returns to their in-progress manuscript.




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