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Expresso Tours Book Blitz

Anyone with a blog, a Facebook page, or any other social media site is welcome to join in this post-launch blitz organized by Expresso Tours. Participation would be most appreciated!

The blitz will run from December 12th to December 16th, 2023, you can post on any day during this window. There will be excerpts available for your post, and every participant will be able to post the blitz-wide giveaway if you wish – giveaway prize(s) courtesy of the author (that's me). Social media sites are welcome. ARCs are also available for blitz participants.



  1. Be happy to offer you a personalized blog post near the beginning of December!

  2. I will be offline at that time, but I'd be happy to mention it in my IWSG post on Dec. 6. Send me an email with the info.

    Next time we travel to Arkansas, we have to meet up with you somewhere.




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