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Happy Day

Lookee here, I won an award. Thank you to Tiana over at Spilled Ink for the much appreciated honor. I like the HAPPY. I’m all about the HAPPY. You’d never guess that I write mysteries from the way that I carry-on around here sometimes. But I’m glad that some of my enthusiasm spills out onto my blog and others take some measure of satisfaction from it.

This could be my last award though. For the uninitiated, most of these blog awards come with rules. These rules vary from award to award, but one of the most prevalent ones is the award winner should pass on the recognition to ten other bloggers he/she find deserving. I don’t know about you, but this feels too much like chain-mail to me. I’m not sure what happens if you break these rules, maybe the blogging gods become offended and block my site from others to see, but I don’t really care. I’m going to select just one HAPPY AWARD recipient I feel is deserving. I’ll let you know who that is … right after I fulfill my other award rule.

I’m supposed to list for you ten things that make me happy. Tiana and others inserted pictures into their lists, but I’m just a word guy and hopefully that’ll be enough for you to understand where I’m coming from. With no further adieu and in completely random order:

1. My family. My wife and I have been married for twenty-six years and we have three wonderful children. I truly love my in-laws, get along famously with everyone from my wife’s family, and my own family is terrific. What makes me the most happy…every bit of it is drama-free!
2. Coffee. There’s nothing like that first cup in the morning. I can drink it 24 hours a day (caffeine doesn’t affect me) and there’s some always close at hand when I’m writing
3. Speaking of Writing, that’s my number 3. There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you finish a passage, scene, or chapter and you can’t wait until somebody reads it.
4. LSU Sports. My wife and I both are LSU graduates, so this is almost a given. Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, it doesn’t matter. If it’s on TV, we’re watching it. We return back to Baton Rouge every other year to see a game in Death Valley. GEAUX TIGERS!
5. Toys. What can I say…I’m a guy. Plasma TV, PS3, Xbox360, iPhone, iPod, expensive headsets, wireless routers, you name it, I probably got it.
6. Alaska. I’ve been cruising in Alaska twice and I would go back every week if I could. Laying on a deck chair at midnight, almost naked except for the thick blanket wrapped round you, absorbing the wilderness beauty as it slowly passes by as the ship sails up the inside passage. *Sigh*
7. Blog Comments. Every single one puts a smile on my face. It’s like a friend waving to you from across a crowded room.
8. Bruce Springsteen. I was going to say music in general here, because I truly do enjoy my music, but I decided to single out my number one.
9. Solitude. Most people don’t get this one, but there are times I quite like being alone. No pressure to be anything… to anyone.
10. Pizza. When I’m not dieting (like now), an awesome Chicago-style pizza is to die for!

Drum roll please…………………and the blogger I’ve selected to pass the torch to (are you cringing?)……is Karen Hooper. Karen is an old-hat at these awards, and the blog she writes is very entertaining. Have a look-see for yourself.


  1. Ha ha, I don't think the blogger gods will strike you! Most people fudge the rules, so you're in good company.

  2. Congratulations! Can I have one of the cupcakes?

  3. LSU - really? I don't like them anymore (since they beat OSU - Go Bucks! - and since they overtook our Florida vacation). Sorry!

    I lived in Alaska for a total of 3-1/2 years. My son was born there (Ft. Wainwright) and I always say he's my Alaskan souvenir. Yes, the Army sent us there. You might not like it if you had to suffer through the 40 below winters. But it is a beautiful state and I'd love to go back and visit. In the summer, of course!

    Congrats on your award. I do enjoy your blogs.

  4. Congrats! I'm with you on the coffee :-)

  5. Suzette ~ Sure thing! I'm on a diet anyway. :)

    Stacy ~ Don't like LSU? TIGERBAIT!!

    Potia ~ Thank you.

  6. congrats on the award ;)
    You have a very nice blog, a very relaxing place.

  7. You are one happy chap, aren't you? Congrats!

  8. You're so sweet. Thanks very very much. Wish I had some real cupcakes to snack on right now. :)

  9. Congratulations! Those cupcakes look sooooo good.

  10. mmm. Xbox 360 makes me happy too. Until i get the red ring of death. Then i'm not happy at all...

  11. Dezmond, Elena and Kimberly ~ Thank you!

    Falen ~ I've had the red ring of death one time. Luckily they honored the warranty. Sent it in to be fixed and had it back in two weeks. I was lucky, considering.

    Karen ~ You're most welcome. It was deserved!

  12. Alaska? I so want to go on a cruise there. Color me jealous! And dude, you don't look old enough to have been married for 26 years.

  13. Elana~ Get to Alaska as soon as you possibly can. It is awesome!! What would be even more spectacular is if somebody held a writing conference on an Alaskan Cruise.

    I was wondering when somebody was going to call me out on my age. The picture I use on my profile is two years old, and I was 51 when it was taken. I have been blessed with great genes and consequently I look 15-20 years younger than I actually am. I was being carded at bars well into my 40's. *Shrug* I'll probably be a greating looking corpse. :)

  14. You are a very happy guy here. Very uplifting without the sappiness that makes me feels like I ate too much sugar. I agree about that whole chain-mail feel most of these awards have. I'm sure that by the time I actually deserve any, most of the people I know will already have received them.

  15. I popped over from Karen's blog. Congrats on your award. It's one of my favorites! :-)

  16. Congrats on the happy cupcake 101 friends award hehe. Nice answers AND for the record I've officially added your blog to my writers/authors blog list. I was a follower already, but for me, it's the blogs on that list that I take more seriously and follow more often. I'm becoming much pickier about putting people on that list lately, but you made the cut :0) Keep up the great blogging my friend.

  17. Jaleh ~ Your time is just around the corner. If I had followed the rules and chosen ten bloggers instead of one, you would have been on the list!

    Shannon ~ Thanks for giving my blog a look-see.

    VW ~ I'm honored! I know how hard it is to keep up with all these great blogs, and its natural to pick out some as favorites. I'll try not to disappoint.

  18. Congrats and thanks for the blog visit!!!

    I'm with you on the family/coffee/writing/technology toys/pizza! Darn new year's resolution is robbing me of that last one but I feel a binge coming on!

    Great blog..I'll be back!

  19. Well put and well received. Good for your for liking all those sit and eat and drink things. :P

    Thanks for coming by my blog! I'll be by again soon.


  20. Who doesn't love a good pizza?! And I totally get the solitude thing. I'm an only child, and sometimes I just do better when I'm left to my own devices!

  21. Kristi~ I'm SOOOOO missing my pizza! But I am in control...until I'm not.

    Michele ~ Finally, a fellow mystery writer. Wanna play a game of CLUE?

    Kristin ~ Solitude enhances the imagination.




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