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Tickle Me

I really wanted to think of a way that I could give back to this community I’ve become a part of these past six months. But I’m just an ordinary writer with tall aspirations. I can’t offer marketing advice like Shelli does at Market My Words. I’m unable to supply query guidance like Bethany & Suzette do over at Shooting Stars, or even absorbing author interviews like Sia McKye’s Thoughts…OVER COFFEE. What can I put forward? How can I help?

The answer I came up with is both perfect in its heartfelt offering, and its uncomplicated delivery.

We’ve all experienced one of those days. A day where anything that can go wrong…does. All of the negative energy in the cosmos has seemingly coalesced around you, spinning and swirling, causing you to get up from the wrong side of the bed. The vortex continues on to create a black hole that pulls in criticism, insults, sarcasm, rebukes, rejection, and even worse, anonymity. If we’re lucky it soon passes, moving on to the next unsuspecting soul. But there are rare cases where it last for days, weeks, even months. Its affect on our psyche, although temporary, is profound.

God knows I’ve experienced my share of those days. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot more since I made a commitment to becoming a published writer. But when I find myself in the throes of depression brought on by a ‘bad day’, I remember a conversation my wife had with our son Boo. She was working in her office, I was in the kitchen making a sandwich, when our son (age 7 at the time) came into the room and stood beside her. He remained there silently for a minute, watching her type at her keyboard, and then --



"Can you tickle me?"

She stopped what she was doing and turned to face him. "What for?"

"I want to laugh"

The simplicity of his request brought a smile to my face. It was so straight-forward and innocent.

So I'm taking a hint from my son and offering the following to anyone reading this. Take a post-it-note and write this e-mail address on it (, along with two other words. Take the note and stick it on your monitor or somewhere else close to where you write. If you ever find yourself in the midst of one of those days and you’re desperately searching for way to lighten things up… find that note and send an email to that address. In the subject line you’ll type the other two words from the note . . . TICKLE ME.

I’ll respond as quickly as I can with a joke, story, or maybe even an amusing limric (all PG-13). No probing questions. No meddlesome inquiries (although I’m a good listener/reader if you do want to spew). No strings attached.

Someday I hope to be able to provide more. Maybe it will be advice, counsel, guidance, or even inspiration.

For now all I can offer is … a giggle and a smile.


  1. OMG I love this. Kids are so honest. YOU give your heart on this blog and that is plenty. I take heart over knowledge any day.

  2. So when I pitch my book to an agent, I should say pretty please like a zillion times?! :)

    The real trick is balancing the two, something you do so well!

  3. Very cool suggestion. Although I may have some reservations with sending another grown male an email with a request to be tickled. LOL. Still like the concept :)

  4. Ha HA Ha Voidwalker!

    In your case you can type: KNOW ANY DIRTY JOKES? LOL

  5. Kids always say what they mean, sometimes I wonder why we lose that as adults. I've copied your email address :) Great idea.

  6. I like that idea. Usually I go over to and the related lol sites for my dose of funny. But it's nice to have someone say they will send me a funny message personally when I need one.

  7. Tickle me...because I want to laugh. What a great decision. Hooray for Boo!

  8. Omg, this was literally the best part of my day today. I wish one of my parents was close by because I would totally ask one of them to tickle me. Thank you for this little breath of fresh air in my otherwise crazy life.




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