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Stop #3 of the Kristi Chestnutt Blog Tour

Wednesday I promised you an interview and today I’m here to deliver on that promise. Kristi Chestnutt’s first novel, The Wolf Within, has just been released this week by Black Rose Writing and I’m totally psyched to have her be my first interrogation interview.

I first encountered Kristi a couple months ago while driving into work one morning. She was digging for scraps in a dumpster on the side of the road. Just kidding…LOL…that would make a great story though. Actually I met her by way of her blog. I was instantly drawn to her writing style, quick wit, heartfelt advice, and her font. She sports a pretty cute font. When the opportunity to host a stop on her blog tour presented itself, I jumped at the chance. Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

Me: Hey Kristi, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Would you like a cup of coffee or some tea?

Kristi: Ummm…this is a virtual interview DL…I’m not actually there.

Me: Just go with it, okay?

Kristi: I guess. Sure.

Me: Kristi, you are absolutely glowing this morning. You must be excited about your recent book release?

Kristi: Both excited and terrified! Somehow it still doesn't seem "real".

Me: I bet not. Why don't you tell everybody a little bit about your writing method. Do you prefer to work in the AM or at night?

Kristi: Most definitely night...although quite often the night becomes AM, so in that case...both.

Me: Do you create your fictional world sitting at a desk, or with a laptop at a corner table in the local coffee house?

Kristi: I want to be the girl who writes at the local coffee house...all cool and mysterious like, but unfortunately, I'm the girl who sits in front of her home computer desk in the office, quietly typing away. I occasionally scribble into a notebook by the bedside if something comes to me and I'm too lazy to boot up the computer or if the idea is just beginning and needs more time to stew.

Me: I understand you're already working on another project. Is it in the same vein as The Wolf Within, or something completely different?

Kristi: It's totally different. In the past I have written mostly paranormal, science fiction type books and my new project is more literary fiction. I'm not sure what I think's too early. I do enjoy trying different things and different methods each time I write...seems to keep the ideas flowing and my interest captivated.

Me: Let’s switch gears a little. You've become quite a popular blogger in this community. From your perspective, how does blogging, or other social media for that matter, impact a writers creative growth?

Kristi: That is seriously an excellent question.

Me: Why thank you, when I was growing up I always dreamed about --

Kristi: I had no idea when I started blogging that it would actually help my writing as much as it has. Just writing posts every day, in and of itself, is a major writing tool. It allows a writer to really help find their own voice, to see what others respond to, what they don't, and keeps the creativity flowing. More importantly, it's a community where people who share a hobby can come together and support one another. It was a blogger (Kristin Rae) who gave me the idea to join a critique group. Invaluable advice. I now have an online Krit Group (shout out!), an in-person crit group just beginning and friends I've made here and there that I can share work with. My next project will be amazing because of this new process. Getting feedback and helping others on their journey has just been the coolest.thing.ever.

Me: Great answer. What about the Internet in general? Do you feel today's writers have a leg up on their predecessors because of the global on-line community?

Kristi: I really, really do. There's so much information available online that helps a new writer navigate through the publishing and agenting waters. Agents and publishers freely give advice out there if you take the time to listen and really learn. I learn something new every day.

Me: Well, I know you have to run, but I want to thank you for stopping by and telling us a little more about yourself.

Kristi: You know, I don’t actually have to go yet.

Me: Oh…but…I don’t have any more questions.

Kristi: You could ask me about my book.

Me: Ahhh…yes. Right. Why don’t you tell us what the book is about?

Kristi: Gwyn, a quirky college student, bumps into Faden, a private investigator with a secret past, and life as she knows it will not just change, but end.

Faden can’t deny the powerful connection he and Gwyn have right from the start, a connection that pulls him towards her when he knows he should be staying away. As his investigation into the town’s most recent murders heats up, his resolve weakens and he gives in to Gwyn’s pull, knowing that getting close to someone again would mean sharing his secret: he is Immortal.

Little does he know that he will never get the chance to tell her himself. His past hunts him down, taking Gwyn prisoner and plunging them into a world they never knew existed. Together they will be thrown into the midst of battle, befriending the very serial killer Faden has been hunting. Forced to leave their homes behind and run from the authorities, we watch as Gwyn helps Faden become the leader that destiny and fate has called him to be.

Me: Ewwwwww. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Where can I get a copy?

Kristi: It just released Thursday, February 25th, from my publisher's online bookstore, Black Rose Books, but will become available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million in a few weeks.

Me: Ummmmmm…are we done now?

Kristi: Yes DL, we’re finished.  Thank you so much for hosting me this morning.

So that’s it. I may have to re-think my foray into journalism, but I will definitely be snagging The Wolf Within soon! If you want to find out even more about Kristi you can check out her other blog tour interviews by my colleagues, Kimberly Franklin and Kristin Rae (which are so much better than mine).

Thanks again to Kristi, for allowing me to introduce you guys to her. :)


  1. Kristi nailed it - daily blogging is a great way to keep our creativity flowing as writers.

  2. Thanks DL!!!! I don't think you've given yourself nearly as much credit as you deserve! This was a great interview! Umm...but I guess I'm a bit biased, huh?

    Thanks again for having get to work so I can return the favor! :-)

  3. Great interview DL, and you too Kristi. Congratulations!!!

  4. Congrats to Kristi. Great interview, and sounds like a wonderful book. :)

  5. Great interview. You both had great "voice" in that one. Well done.
    And congrats to Kristi on the release.

  6. Very cute interview! I loved what Kristi said about blogging: It allows a writer to really help find their own voice, to see what others respond to, what they don't, and keeps the creativity flowing.

    That is spot on! I've found that to be incredibly true!

  7. Great interview, DL. The more I see of this book, the more I want to read it.

  8. I'm with the other commenters, I loved Kristi's answer for the blogging question. It really is a useful tool and although we think of it mostly as a networking device, it's also a great way to sharpen our writing skills. We are after all, writing for an audience. Thanks for sharing the interview!

  9. Oh, it sounds sooo good. Great interview, DL! Very funny. Love that Krisit played along ;)

  10. DL... I think you are the master of interviews! You should do more, you really should! I loved it! And thanks for mentioning mine!!! : )

  11. Great interview. And it's nice to know that blogging is such a great thing. :) Thanks for this.

  12. Great interview! I need to pick up the book. :)

    As for the shelf-life of candy...the world may never know. At least around me. ;)

  13. Terrific interview. Sounds like a great book :)

  14. WTG, DL--Great job! I loved the humor! Kristi, how exciting...Have a wonderful weekend celebrating, then Monday hit the computer...

  15. Great interview. I enjoyed reading Kristi's take on writing, where she writes and what she thinks about blogging. I agree with her. Blogging does help an author in so many ways. I'll have to pick up her book. :)

  16. Great interview y'all!! SOOO looking forward to reading Kristi's book!

    (I feel almost famous seeing my name mixed in with the interview...) ;)


  17. This sounds great. I'm looking forward to reading it.
    I love the 'magnetic attraction when you know you should stay away' kind of storyline - think I wrote one!

  18. Me again - I've got an award for you over at my blog :)

  19. Fantabulous interview. It all helps those of us who are aspiring. Thanks for having the courage.

  20. Excellent interview and I like the bit about blogging as well! I'm going to have to check out her book as well, looks like it's up my alley. Great post.

    Thanks for coming to my blog so that I could find your blog! I'm liking how that works out in cases such as this. :)

  21. What a great interview! And Congrats to Kristi on her book.

  22. Thanks to everyone for the compliments. Kristi made it really easy and I appreciate her putting up with my antics. :)

  23. Krisi and DL-this was a great interview!! I am very interested in reading the book now!

  24. That was a lot of fun. Great interview! :)

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  26. Very funny, DL. You are a hoot. Nice interview with Kristi. I'll have to add that book to my to-read list now. :D




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