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WRiTE CLUB Round 3 - Results

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of participation in this weeks round.  With the end of NaNo bearing down and the Thanksgiving holiday consuming everyone's time (including my own), this WRiTE still managed to generate more votes than round two. I credit our amazing talent on display and the quality of our submissions.  As always, though, only one can move forward.  Here are this weeks results:

NANOSH - 9 votes     TIMOTHY NINE - 17 votes

This weeks winner is TIMOTHY NINE!  He will join ANNE SHIRLEY & JAMIE STUART in the semi-finals which will begin in February.  Remember, WRiTER's that go back into the pool are free to submit a different 250 word sample in preparation for being selected again, or they can just let their previous submission ride.

These results will be posted on my WRiTE CLUB page, along with links to all of the writing samples.

Round 4 begins tomorrow morning! :)




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