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The WRiTE CLUB visits the Coffee Shop

Writer Gold: This is going to be a short meeting, right?  I’m hot & heavy into NaNo and I still have at least 1000 words to write before the hubby gets home!

Writer Red: I thought you said you weren’t going to do NaNo this year?

Writer Gold: I know, I know.  I changed my mind at the last minute.  It can be stressful, but some of my best work has been written in November.

Writer Red: But what about WRiTE CLUB?  I thought you were submitting something for that?

Writer Gold: Oh, I sent that to DL this past weekend.

Writer Blue: What is WRiTE CLUB?

Writer Red: I thought you said you were following DL’s blog now.

Writer Blue: My laptop has been in the shop since last week.  I just got it back and I’m still behind with my blog reading.

Writer Black: Hey everyone.

Writer Red:  OH MY GOSH!  Why are you wearing that ridiculous hat?

Writer Black:  Just in case that odd guy with the Mac Book shows up again.

Writer Gold:  But, you gave him your phone number.

Writer Black:  That’s what he thought.  I actually gave him my personal trainer’s phone number.

Writer Red:  You have a personal trainer?

Writer Blue: Won’t he just assume he wrote it down wrong and come looking for you?

Writer Black:  Duh!  Thus the hat.

Writer Gold:  *shaking head* What were we talking about?

Writer Blue: WRiTE CLUB.  You were going to tell me what it is?

Writer Red:  I have a better question.

Writer Blue: Yes?

Writer Red:  How can Black afford a personal trainer?

Writer Gold:  WRiTE CLUB is a really neat idea DL came up with.  It’s kind of fashioned around the movie FIGHT CLUB.  You know, the one with Brad Pitt.

Writer Blue: Ohhhh…I loved him in that movie.

Writer Gold:  Anyway, in DL’s WRiTE CLUB writers submit a sample of their writing, no more than 250 words, using a made up pen name that nobody knows.  Then starting this coming Monday, once a week he’ll randomly pick out two samples to go head to head on his blog.  The winner will be chosen by votes left by his blog readers in the comments.  The winner will advance to the semi-finals.

Writer Blue:  And what happens to the writer that doesn’t win?

Writer Red:  Their pen name goes back into the pool and could possibly be selected for other rounds.

Writer Blue:  How many rounds are there?

Writer Red:  Twelve.  The semi’s don’t start until February.

Writer Blue:  Does the 250 words have to be flash fiction, or can I use something that I’ve already written?

Writer Gold:  Anything.  It just can’t have been posted or published before.

Writer Blue:  That is really really cool.   I’m going to look for something as soon as I get back home.

Writer Black:  You girls do realize you broke the first rule.

Writer Blue:  What’s the first rule?

Writer Black:  You don’t talk about WRiTE CLUB!

Writer Gold:  DL didn’t really mean it like that, just certain parts of it.

Writer Red:  Think about it…in the movie how did so many people show up to watch the fights if nobody ever talked about it?

Writer Black:  I just know that I’m not breaking the rules.

Writer Red:  *sigh* Technically, you just did.

Writer Black:  I did not!

Writer Red:  Did so!  You told Blue what the first rule was.

Writer Black:  I….uh….that’s not really…I mean.

Writer Gold:  Relax.  What you can’t do is tell someone what your pen name is.  The whole thing is supposed to be anonymous so it doesn’t turn into a popularity contest and nobody gets their pride hurt.

Writer Black:  Then it won’t hurt to tell you I was planning on using Mrs. Tyson as my pen name.  Get it, after the boxer.  But I decided against it.

Writer Gold:  Why, afraid you might bite another bloggers ear off?

Writer Blue:  So, all this starts Monday?

Writer Gold:  Just go to DL’s blog and all the rules are posted there.

Writer Black:  You know what’s funny?  DL never said what the winner would receive.

Writer Red:  I know what I want to win.

Writer Gold:  What?

Writer Red:  A personal trainer!

Writer Black:  Listen, can we go back to number labels instead of colors?  Writer Black makes me feel fat.

Writer Gold, Red & Blue: ?????????????

Writer Black:  It has more letters than the others.


  1. Is the personal trainer a hot looking dude? :D

    I used to give out my phone number, but I'd change the last digit. It was easier than saying 'no'. Only once did an idiot come up to me a week later and tell me I get him the wrong number, and then he expected my to give him the correct one. Um, no.

  2. OMG! Hahaha. You sound like such a girl? Ever thought about writing chick lit? LOLOL. This reminds me of a female version of Resevoir Dogs! lolol, you know, Mr White, Mr Pink, etc? heheeee

  3. Dear DL AND Writers at the coffee shop,

    Fight Club had a tagline: Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.

    I want to know if Write Club has a tagline...

    Someone who is thinking about entering the fray.

  4. Ha! Love this: Think about the movie how did so many people show up to watch the fights if nobody ever talked about it?

  5. You could do these forever. And I see I'm not the only one to break the first rule.

  6. LOL loved the skit! And black is supposed to make you look skinny. Unless it's stripes. LOL

  7. It has more letters than the others. *Snort* But black is slimming! :) Are you going to try to pair up two samples that are in similar genres or are they going to be completely random? I'm so excited for this to start and to see what everyone comes up with!

  8. Ditto what Tiana said - black is supposed to be a slenderizing color! So pumped for WRiTE Club.

  9. That was hilarious! Great way to learn about Write Club. Good luck with this and can't wait to read the stories.

  10. Looking forward to Monday - it's going to be fun! :)

  11. long as no one attempts to end this the way Fight Club ends, this should be interesting.

  12. LOL, I was wondering what you would come up with next, 50 states guy. :)

    If the weekend don't kill me I'll try to send you something.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  13. Personal trainer's number...brilliant!!

  14. So this starts Monday, this Monday in the very beginning of NaNo? Is it every Monday? Am I breaking rules? I so love breaking rules?

  15. Too funny! Okay, I'm emailing Kim something now. Srsly hope I win a few sessions with a PT. That would be awesome, just sayin' *grin*




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