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Six Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Sex Hits (Oops, I Meant Site Hits)

Let’s talk about traffic.  No, I’m not talking about a jam up on Interstate 45 or how many red lights you have to sit through to get past a particular intersection. What I’m referring to is how many folks pay a visit to your blog on a daily basis. I think can share a few insights that I’ve gleamed from my years of blogging and surfing the internet that will help your site meter begin clicking faster. But I’m not talking about high-brow methods such as posting quality content like interviews with published authors or the occasional contests to give-away ARC’s.  No sir…I’m talking about those low-rent techniques you’re more likely to find being used by web-sites your security filter would scream about.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out, just observant, and willing to lower your standards a bit. 

As you will soon see, one of the most important elements in getting web-browsers pointed in your direction is the title of your post, or web-link.  As every self-respecting salesman has been taught, “Getting them in the door is half the battle.” So, without further ado…here are my six simple tips:

1.  The most popular trick is structuring your blog post in the form of a numbered list. If you look around the most popular browser home-pages such as YAHOO, DIGG, or GOOGLE NEWS, you’ll see multiple examples of what I’m talking about.  This is a sampling just today of the real articles seeking attention on my own startup page.

Nine Most Badass (And Possibly Insane) Sports Of All-Time
Five Dance-Pop Remakes So Bad You’ll Puke
Ten Disappointing NFL Teams
Five Scary Cancer Questions
Eight Reasons you should watch Agent Carter tonight
Five Things We Want to Know about MC Hammer’s Jaz-Z Diss Video
The 25 Hottest Women Born in January
Five Reasons Why Bert & Ernie Should Come Out of the Closet
2. Whenever possible, use the word GUARANTEED in your title. Let’s face it, most people are gullible and will fall for that gimmick every time, certainly enough to get them through the door and reading the first paragraph of your blog. 
3. Technically, this could be considered 2B because it also involves the title. Find a way to work the word SEX into your title. Do I really have to explain that one? 
4. Change your domain name so it includes key wording used in the most frequent Google searches. For example: 
5. Decorations never hurt!

6. Finally, it doesn’t matter what you do to get the traffic flowing in your direction because unless you entertain them once they arrive, they won’t be back.  So you’d better make sure you elicit one of four things from your visitors while they are here…a nod of the head, a chuckle, a sigh, or a tear.  The internet is vast and counter-oriented to our attention spans, so here…more than anywhere…make every word count!

I hope everybody understands that my tongue is firmly planted in cheek, and I would never actually utilize any of these techniques.  I do have some measure of self-respect, after all! *wink*

The only sure way to guarantee a steady flow of visitors to your own blog is to read other blogs…often and repeatedly…and leave comments. That’s the reason I’ve only generated 10-12 comments per blog post recently – because I haven’t been around as much as I should.  But now that you know ALL of the secrets, I expect you’ll be seeing plenty movement.

Good luck! :)


  1. I have used the word naked before in a post title, but I was featuring Hart Johnson, the naked, watery tart that day, so it fit.

  2. He he, that picture certainly got my attention! Great hat ;-)

  3. Great tips! But I'm not sure how I can work in the word "sex" into my posts that are about writing and publishing. Haha!

  4. You had me with that title! I think I'll hold off on "sex" in the title, but I can do a bit of the others. Thanks for the info!

  5. Interesting points, DL... Wonder if I should change the name of my blog from "The Creative Outlet of StratPlayer" to "The Ten Guaranteed Most Shocking Creative Sex Outlets of StratPlayer!!!" (And note the exclamation points -- popular titles always use lots of exclamation points, too).

    But you are right about the give-a-comment-to-get-a-comment interaction aspect of blogging -- it is a social media, after all, and perhaps it's shallow of people, but it's hard to be social if a commenter feels like their comments are ignored and that the commenter's blog is unimportant and not worth visiting in return.

    (Stat: 2015 DL blog posts commented on by Chris -- 4/4 for 100%; 2015 Chris blog posts commented on by DL -- 0/5 for 0%).

    But it's also impossible to visit EVERY blog to comment, unless we can somehow overcome the limits of time and space like the omnipresent Uber-blogger Ninja Captain Alex. ;) But while I never get to as many blogs to comment as I'd like, I at least always (eventually) respond to each and every comment left on mine. I at want people to know that I really appreciate their visit and comment, even if I can't always make it to their own blogs to do the "fair-comment-swap".

  6. So I should change my IWSG post for tomorrow to include a number? And maybe an exclamation point or something to do with a sports team?
    I agree with the comment for comment thing, but it is hard to get around and I prefer to go visit. I don't always get in the replies at my blog, but I figure I should take a minute or two to visit at someone else's blog.

  7. Thanks DL for the Blitz today!!! Hmmmm .... I'm trying to think of a way to make my science posts sexier. I'll have to use the Homer Simpson method of writing and add the phrase "with sexy results" at the end of each paragraph.

  8. Hi Don! I'm stopping in mostly because I've been a negligent blogging buddy, but I chuckled at your title too, and that's what really got me here. (And now I'm chuckling at Chris's comment.) There are so many ways to draw traffic, but it really does boil down to content. Loved the post.

  9. Funny; but it is amazing how many people will truly believe those tips.

    I'v visited many blogs during the IWSG, Blog Blitz, and other interesting blog hops/fests. Many times I will see something interesting on a new blog and peruse a few posts. Too often the posts start or end or somewhere incorporate whinning about a lack of comments or views. After leaving several encouraging comments and getting no return comment, I've come to agree with the sentiment that you have to be active in the blogverse to garner traffic. Content alone (though helpful) is unlikely to draw reader traffic.

    I don't visit ever post of every one of my followers, or of the blogs I follow, but I do consistently read and comment on others' posts. There are a few bloggers who comment on every post I publish, and I feel a little guilty that I go offline so often and miss several posts a week from them. But, when I am online and blogging, I am a frequent visitor.

  10. Well, pooh. I left a bunch of comment on a bunch of blogs over the past couple days and for some reason almost half of them disappeared. Including the one I left here, which I'm sure was terribly witty or insightful or something. I think it was about a blog post on the TOP TEN GUARANTEED procrastination devices that don't involve SEX. Or something like that. Oh, well.




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