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DFW Daze

I promised you on Monday I'd be back to talk about the wonderful time I had at the DFW Writers Conference a couple weeks here I am.  This was the fourth time I attended this particular conference and I must say that as far as the content was continues to outshine the previous years.  Out of all the sessions I attended (about a dozen over two days), there was only one that I didn't get much out of. All the rest were exceptional and I brought back lots of tips and guidance on how to improve my writing.

There were three classes that stood out for me.  The first was one taught by Me Ra Koh, also known as the Photo Mom, a multi-published author and Disney Jr host! She provided us with some fascinating information about social media, particularly Facebook and how to properly use it as a marketing/branding tool.  The next class was entitled Prose P90X, instructed by Laura Maisano (also one of my critique partners) and Tex Thompson (2013 WRiTE CLUB Champion). They helped us recognize those sagging sentences and descriptions that dragged. It was a fun session that I feel helped make my work leaner, meaner, and cleaner than ever before. And the last of my top three was another class taught by Tex Thompson -- The Comma Sutra : A Better-Punctuation Guide to Spicing Up Your Text Life.  It was a very unique way to make learning more about good punctuation FUN!

The overall conference experience was muted a bit by the venue that was chosen this year.  The location used in past years was not available due to a scheduling conflict, so the organizers moved the event to the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre, which is one of the world’s most innovative art-focused facilities. It may be a great art house, but it really wasn't laid out in such a way to contain the number of attendee's that flooded through its doors during those two days. The choice of building took some shine off an otherwise enjoyable experience.


  1. Glad you got a lot out of the sessions. I'm sure they were aware that the building wasn't quite big enough for everyone. I admit I've never been to a conference. They don't really have any in my area.

  2. I love conferences! So glad you got a lot out of this one!

  3. I followed the conference on Twitter. Tex's Comma Sutra looked like fun :) The best teachers are the ones who entertain, and it definately appeared she did just that!

  4. Hi Don - glad you benefited from some of the ideas, and had such great input from the speakers. Interesting choices ... how fun to have a 2013 WrIteClub winner lead a couple of the groups ... that's great and to have your critique partner there too ..

    Glad you've booked for next year ... and I'm sure you'll learn lots more as you pore over all the input .. cheers Hilary

  5. Sounds great! I wish there was a conference like that here….

  6. Glad you have a great time! And that Comma Sutra class is very inventively titled, lol!

  7. Sounds wonderful. I've been to the Colorado Gold conference numerous times. They are local and I'm a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

  8. Sounds like a great time! I hope we can meet up at a conference someday!

  9. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. So glad you had a good time!
    One day I'll get to one of these.




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