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WRiTE CLUB 2019 - A New Champion Crowned

Let me introduce you to Wendy Cross...aka Sicaria, our WRiTE CLUB Champion for 2019.

Wendy resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is a mom to three fantastic girls and is married to the most amazing man who supports her in everything she does. She was a copywriter for ten years and is an expert on many random things, like composting toilets. She hopes to be traditionally published one day. Wendy now has a free pass to the 2020 DFW Writers Conference and a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card.  CONGRATS Wendy!

Our 1st runner-up was IshYouNotIshMe, which is actually Dannie Olguin Morris.

Dannie is an introverted writer who gets through busy days by pretending to be an extroverted character. She's been married to her best friend for more than half her life and has an awesome teenager. Two dogs and one cat share her office and encourage her to write when she'd rather hide in a pillow fort. Dannie is a member of both online and in-person critique groups and attends writers conferences regularly.  As the runner-up, Dannie took home a $75 Amazon Gift Card.  CONGRATS Dannie!

Both of these ladies have proved themselves to be extremely talented writers and I predict nothing but good things in their writing futures.

We also had other winners announced at the conference this weekend. They were - 

J-Dub - won the Random Voting prize of a $60 Barnes and Noble gift card. (Please contact me)
Bokerah Brumley - won the Voting In Every Bout prize of a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card.
Laura Maisano - won a DFW Conference T-shirt for being a contest participant.
Melissa Embry won a DFW Conference T-shirt or being a contest participant.

The contest was a rousing success once again, setting records everywhere you looked. The most writers submitting (132), submissions (189), average votes per bout (76), and page views while the contest was running (41,000).  I also need to tip my hat to the quality of the critiques left for the contestants in our bouts this year. Exceptional!

Now that the contest is over we encourage the other writers who made it into the bouts to reveal their true identities in the comments below. People who have read your work really want to keep in touch with you and your work, so why not remove that mask? No pressure though. If you want to remain anonymous, we respect that choice.

I also encourage everyone to leave me idea's on how the contest can be improved. I've already received quite a few thoughts while I was at the conference, but I want to hear from you as well. What works, what doesn't work, what would make it more interesting? The contest is always evolving – trying to make it more satisfying for both the contestants and the reader/voters – and this year will be no exception.

We'll be back again next year, bigger and better than ever. Hopefully, you're looking forward to it as much as I am! If you want to be notified via email when things kick off next year, send an email to or leave it in the comments below and we'll add you to the list.


  1. Awesome! Congratulations to all of the winners. I liked all of Wendy's pieces, so fitting she won.

  2. Congrats to Wendy and Dannie. I enjoyed both of their writing throughout!
    I didn't enter so name to reveal, but congrats to everyone who did. It's a great experience for everyone!

  3. Congratulations Wendy, Dannie, and the prize winners!

    Let it be revealed... I was Galadhon!

  4. Congratulations Wendy and Diane - well earned. And thank you to DL and his wife for all their hard work! (And for changing the blog color scheme to a white background for this year!)

    I was Book-Keeper!

    (And now, for a year of planning the most difficult aspect of WRiTECLUB for next year: coming up with a pen name)

    Congratulations to all the participants as well!

  5. Congrats to Wendy! And to you for another successful Write Club.

  6. Congratulations all around! And thanks for another great Write Club, DL!

  7. Sorry for the delay in responding, but let me offer a huge round of applause and congratulations to Wendy! And also to Dannie!

    And also a final word of thanks and appreciation to all the writers of this year's WriteClub -- the competition was fierce and there were many rounds I struggled to choose between two worthy contenders.

    Lastly, let me offer a deep-felt round of applause and thanks to DL, Mrs. DL, and all the people who contributed to WriteClub! I enjoyed it very much and I appreciate all you did to make it a success!

  8. Hi Don - congratulations on the organisation of WriteClub ... it's helping so many aspiring writers ... and well done to Wendy, as too the runner up Dannie, and other winners - love the photos - cheers Hilary




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