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One Million

One Million page views.

That’s the achievement my blog surpassed a week or so ago when we were bringing WRiTE CLUB to a close. One million page views. That averages out roughly to one-hundred thousand per year – seeing that my blog has been in operation for ten years. Since I’ve posted 859 times it also averages to just over eleven hundred views per post.

WOW. Who’d have thunk it? Certainly not me. I started this blog because a character in my first novel was a blogger and this was more for research than anything else. My writing still hasn’t taken off like I hoped, but the blog is doing okay for itself, despite some stumbles along the way.

I’m certain WRiTE CLUB is responsible for the majority of the traffic I’ve been blessed with, but there were some other good posts-initiatives that moved the needle as well. Here are a few of the big ones.

I guess this is the year for successes, of a sort. In February we celebrated the blogs tenth year of existence, and now this. Doubt I’ll reach 1,000 posts this year, but it’s on the horizon. I can only hope that the trend of positive feats will carry over into my literary aspirations as well.

Either way, me and my blog will keep on plugging away. That’s how we started, and it has worked okay so far.


  1. Congratulations, DL! You have a great draw to your site with Write Club.

  2. Thank you, Alex. When I think about blogging, the first name that always pops into my head is yours!

  3. Whoo hoo! Awesome. My tenth year anniversary is coming up in November. I don't think I'm anywhere close to your figure. Way to go!

  4. Many congratulations DL - that's a wonderful achievement ... so pleased for you ... blogging is a great way of interacting with authors and fellow bloggers ... enjoy the rest of the year - cheers Hilary

  5. That's AMAZING!!!
    Because my hosting moved platforms a few years into my blog existing, I'll never know my exact number. But it isn't near the million mark. (About a tenth of that.) So I get what a massive achievement this is. So very proud of you and happy for you. Rock on!




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