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Whodunnit – Phase 2

Times up! The period for Phase one has passed for my 600 Follower Mystery/Contest and thus the chance to have your names entered in the prize drawing FIVE times. We ended up with twenty guesses at who murdered Grayson Wilbourne during the first week, but only six of those were correct. That means only 43 names sit in the hat for the drawing and still an entire week remaining to get your name included for a chance at that quarterly gift card.

It’s time for Phase two and as promised here are the location of all 37 clues. Someone already pointed out to me that I accidentally included a duplicate, so there’s actually only 36 unique clues. I want to thank every one of my clue hosts for helping me out and taking part in the FUN. None of them knew where the other clues were located and participated in the game right along with the rest of you. Everyone now has until 10 PM on Sunday, February 20th, to email me their guess at the culprits name. My email address is: dlh(dot)hammons(at)gmail(dot)com. Correct answers earn a SINGLE spot in the drawing. Incorrect guesses will have their names included only in the general drawing for a single $25 gift card

Alex at
VR Barkowski at
Ellen Brickley at
Mason Canyon at
Jen Daiker at
Damyanti at
Deniz at
L. Diane at
Michael Di Gesu at
Elle at
Jemi Fraser at
Olivia Herrell at
Elisa Hirsch at
Jess at
Jules at
Justine at
Katie at
Leigh at
Laura Marcella at
Stacy McKitrick at
Becky Miller at
Nicole at
Vicki Rocho at
Sara at
Sarah (Falen) at
Angela Scott at
Shannon at
Sharde at
Elena Solodow at
Stephanie at
Su at
Walk2write at
Emily White at
Kari White at
Myne Whitman at
Yaya at

Are you just now finding out about my celebration/contest? It’s not too late to play! First read my WHODUNNIT short story, then come back here and get started. What about those who guessed during round one and are unsure of their pick? If you’d like to guess again after reading all of the clues, a correct re-guess will earn you one more additional spot in the drawing.

As some of you have already figured out, having all of the clues doesn’t mean figuring out this puzzle is a piece of cake. Careful consideration of all the facts is a must. Welcome to my world…the world of mystery. Enjoy.

PS.  In honor of Valentines Day and because Jules suggested we pass this along, here's a little something extra for you.  (((HUGS)))


  1. i'll have to check all the blogs to try and find the few clue's i'm missing, to see if my guess still holds up

  2. Spreading the Love back at you and I love cheat sheets :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Okay. Time to get serious. I found 8 of your clues over the weekend, but didn't think it would be wise to venture a guess with so little info. Off, to figure it out! :-)

  4. P.S. It would be the coolest thing EV-ER if you "went pink" for Lisa and Laura! LOL. :-)

  5. And happy Valentine's day to you, too, DL! Can't wait to see the winner and find out whodunnit~ :o) <3

  6. I've added a link to this post on my sidebar (click on the pic of the sailboat) so visitors will be directed here for more clues. Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

  7. Hi DL...continued congrats on a very cool contest.

    I have a couple of quick questions though in follow up:

    1- To those who sent in entries already, will you (or did you) inform people if they were right or wrong?

    2- If I have already submitted an entry (whether right or wrong) prior to you releasing the links, can I submit a new entry now that I have more complete data? ;)

    I suspect (based on what I've seen) that the answer to both questions is NO. Which is perfectly fine.

    I haven't yet clicked through all of the links below but I did a quick comparison and I believe I may have a partial explanation as to why I had to make a leap of faith at the end of my deduction. I navigated through your followers to find blogs with clues...and I identified a list of 37 blogs. However, a quick eyeball comparison of my list vs your list shows me at least one on your list that I never went to (which did have an intriguing clue) and I also found that my list had two blogs which are not on your list here. I'm not sure if perhaps my eyes are still blurry from comparing URLs, so I could be wrong.

    Time permitting, I'll click through your list linked here to see if i come up with a different answer.

    Thanks again for a fabulous contest...very cool.

    And congratulations again on your blogging milestone. :)

  8. AAAAHHHHH! My weekend got away from me and I didn't get back to this :(

    At least now I'll be able to confirm my thinking before I send in my answer! :)

    Hope you & your wife have a terrific Valentine's Day :)

  9. It sounds like this is going well and everyone is having lots of fun- I wasn't able to participate due to college classes and homework- but I had fun seeing clues all over.

  10. What a cool idea. I'll have to check out the other blogs! Dropping in to say hello from the crusades and to follow...Hiya!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  11. Congratulations to all your correct guessers!

  12. Well, I've been gone a lot more than I ever expected, but I did get to go to alla' the blogs an' check out the clues, as well as becoming a Follower on each one. Now, I'm wavering a little on my guess. I have had an awfully lotta' fun playin', though. Thanks for including me. Good luck to all those who guessed correctly an' to everyone whose name will be in the drawing for the second round, as well.

    ~ Yaya

  13. Aww, my guess was wrong =( And I found so many clues the first time around - I was just missing one BIG one! This is why I leave the mystery-writing to you!




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