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WRiTE CLUB – A Champion Crowned

You have spoken.  As expected, it was a very close contest...but the winner of the inaugural WRiTE CLUB contest is:

Casey Brooks 
And now the moment many of who have been waiting for, the unveiling of just who our champion really is.  It is a pleasure to introduce to you CASEY BROOKS…aka

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am the Tiana won this contest.  She has been one of my most steadfast followers and supporters.  It thrills me to no end that I get to return some of that back to her.  She has definitely earned it.  Just click on her picture to visit her own blog.

From the very start this competition was touted as 100% anonymous except for the champion, but for those contestants willing to do so you can announce your participation and pen name in the comments below.  There is no pressure at all, but I wanted to offer the WRiTER’s who wanted to lift the mask the chance to do just that. 

Let’s not forget that our Champion will receive (apart from the nifty badge they can now display on their blog) a signed copy of UNTRACEBALE by Shelli Johannes-Wells, along with a query critique and/or one hour consultation with her about marketing or anything else. Shelli is a marketing whiz and currently nominated for GEORGIA AUTHOR OF THE YEAR, so picking her brain for an hour is certainly a prize to cherish.

I ’d like to close out by asking for suggestions on how to improve WRiTE CLUB.  Let me know what you liked, didn’t like, and any other idea’s that can elevate this project to the next level.

Once again, congratulations to Tiana!


  1. Congratulations, Casey, uhhh Tiana! I enjoyed both of your pieces.

    Participating in WRiTE CLUB was fun (I'll fess - my pen name was Jamie Stuart) and I hope you do this again.

  2. Congratulations, Tiana!!! You knocked me out in this final round (I am the infamous Anne Shirley). Great job and please let me read your book because it sounds hilarious and wonderful. Don, thank you for hosting WRiTE Club - it was a pleasure to be part of it all and to be among such talented people.

  3. Congratulations, Tiana! Her pieces were really good.

  4. Congratulations, Tiana. You rocked in the competitions. I enjoyed reading all the entries. This was a lot of fun. I'm Lucky Left Hook. I hope DL does this again, too.

  5. I'm kind of shocked I don't know this person. Still, congrats, Tiana!

  6. Awesome!!! I loved Tiana's stuff all the way through. I'm rushing off now to write her name down b/c I know we'll be seeing her on the shelves soon.

    Super congrats to her AND Anne Shirley. Both great writers~ :o) <3

  7. Congrats, Tiana!! It was a well-fought fight. :D

  8. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! TIANA!!!! Get out! How awesome is this???

    I remember I voted for you with both pieces--the voice was just too great ;) And here I thought I'd never read any of your writing *winks* You've got skills, girl :D

    And thanks DL for putting this on... Very entertaining!

  9. Thanks guys! And JULIE!! Well played my friend. I actually had to think of some critique for your piece in the last round so I could justify voting for myself, but then, I see that you didn't even vote in the last round! LOL. You have some great writing chops :)

    To everyone who participated - I've really enjoyed reading all the pieces. There is such talent in this community. Thanks Don for being so creative and putting this all together!

  10. Haha well played to YOU ;) Nope, I avoided voting whenever my piece came up. Maybe when I finally figure out how to clone myself, I can be in the ring AND in the audience at the same time :D

  11. Congratulations, Tiana!!! I hope you continue on with your stories because I'm eager to read them. Well done!

    Kudos to Julie, Stacy, and all the other participants. You all are amazing!

    Big thanks to DL for putting this together. You rock!

  12. Congrats,Tiana! You did a fantastic job. Also to Julie. It truly was very hard to choose. Thanks Dl for doing this, it was a lot of fun. I was Teri Lee. :)

  13. Congratulations Tiana! And Julie you are amazing also. You both should be proud!

  14. Congratulations, Tiana! You did a great job. That is a wonderful prize too. I enjoyed reading all the pieces in the contest; it was a lot of fun.

  15. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I LOVED Tiana's final entry! The voice was FANTASTIC!!!! So glad she won!

    And Julie, you made voting uber-tough this time. Your piece is awesome, too. I'm just a sucker for the teen voice. :)

  16. Three Cheers to Casey Brooks/Tiana Smith!


  17. Congrats, Tiana! You had a really great entry.

  18. Yay Tiana!! And Julie!!! Those were 2 amazing pieces ... no surprise as these are 2 amazing writers! Congrats to everyone :)

  19. Awesome; congrats to Tiana for the win, and to Julie for hanging in there so long. Great writing pieces, and they were so difficult to judge.

    My submission was knocked out so early I had to go find it to figure out my pen name. I was Nanoosh.

    This was fabulous fun Don.


  20. Congrats to you. Maybe next time I will try it. Sounded exciting.

  21. Congrats to the winner! I'll have to find out more about WRiTE CLUB!

    I'm dropping in from the AtoZ Challenge - bonjour!

  22. Congrats to Casey. You knocked me out too - earlier on. Who would have thunk, two dead people would talk in the same round.

    Thanks, DL, it was fun. Can't think of a thing to improve. I'm sure in the next go round, you'll be swamped with participants.

  23. Great job by both Tiana and Julie!

    DL thanks for dreaming this up. It was so fun participating. I've found some great new writers to follow!

    My pen name was Lily Mason.

  24. Yes!!!!!! My favorite won and I know Tiana, which makes her win even sweeter. :D

  25. Congratulations, Tiana! You had me charmed the whole way through the contest.

    This was a totally fun experiment, DL. Loved getting to read all the creativity in bite sized pieces.

    I was Art Gallery - my bit was from a 2,000 word short, and after getting K-O'd by the fabulous Julie Dao, a/k/a Anne Shirley, I uploaded it to my Goodreads profile - let me know if you'd like the link.

    Thanks for the fun, everybody!




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