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Contest Winner & Quiz Answers

I received 9 emails with quiz answers over the weekend and the ones that got all 26 answers correct have their comment counts updated in red below. That brings the total number of slips in the hat to 984.

Alex J. Cavanaugh           52
Kristen Dyrr                    52
Laura Marcelle                52
michelle                           52
Heather Gardner             48
Tiana Smith                     46
Joanne Fritz                      36
~Brandy~                         34
Natalie Aguirre                  26
farawayeyes                    25
Melanie Schultz               25

Andrew Leon                 23
C. Lee McKenzie           23
JL Murphy                      23

Christina Rains                22
Yvonne Lewis                 22
Amy Lyre Turner              20
Bish Denham                    20
Clarissa Draper                20
Sue McPeak                    20
David List                         19
SP Bowers                       19
Cindy Dwyer                    18

L. Diane Wolfe                 18

Al Diaz                             17
mshatch                            17
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne  16
Erin L. Funk                      16
Hilary Melton-Butcher       16
Jeremy (Retro)                  16
VR Barkowski                  16
Dani                                  15
Tina                                   15
Allison (Geek Banter)        14

Donna                               12
Michael Di Gesu                12
Suzanne Furness                12
Brinda Berry                      11
Crystal Collier                    11
Elizabeth Seckman             11
M.J. Joachim                     11
Nick Wolford                    11
Marti                                 10
Miranda Hardy                  10

The hand disappears into the hat and comes back with a single piece of paper.  On it the name is...and the winner of the drawing and recipient of a $75 Amazon gift card is…michelle.

Congratulations michelle! As soon as I hear back from her I'll ask her how she found out about my contest to determine if a secondary prize is warranted.

For those of you who didn’t take part in the contest…or maybe just the quiz portion of it…here are the answers to those questions. Once again, thank you for everyone who took part and made this year’s A-Z so much fun.

1.   What is the title of DL's future project that snippets were post in three seperate posts? The Babysitters
2.   His most current WIP is what genre? YA Horror
3.   What date foes DL consider his blog birthday? July 2009
4.   DL's blog was named what it was because of his affinity for flying.  True or False?  False
5.   What is the name of the short story DL is about to have published? Itinerary
6.   Where did DL go to college? LSU! GEAUX TIGERS!!
7.   Which state does DL live in now? Arkansas
8.   DL lacks one of five senses, which one is it? Smell
9.   The first vehicle DL owned was what? 1966 Green Chevy Van
10. DL's favorite vacation spot is where?  I goofed with this one.  I meant to delete this question and use another, but I deleted the wrong one. Nobody was disqualified because of this.  BTW - The answer is Alaskan Cruise.
11. What is the title of DL's Project X? Apollo's Ghost
12. DL's favorite musical artist is who? The Boss! Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
13. What was the original name of DL's first book? Slow Dancer
14. What is the name of the anothology that DL's short story is being published in? An Honest Lie
15. DL is a military brat...but from what branch of the military? Army? Navy? Air Force? Marines?  Navy
16. What was the name of the first major writers conference DL attended? DFW Conference
17. Is DL a Pantser or Plotter? Plotter!
18. What type of gaming console does DL play the most? Xbox
19. How many years will DL be married this June? 30
20. Is DL an Early-Bird or Night-Owl? Early Bird
21. Name ONE of the authors that influenced DL growing up?  Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ed McBain, Agatha Christie, Mickey Spillane, or Pat Conroy.  Any of those would have sufficed.
22. What is DL's favorite MLB team?  Atlanta Braves
23. DL has a writing ritual...what is it? I wear an LSU baseball cap turned around backwards.
24. What is the tentative title of DL's current WIP? This is another question that unfortunately caused some confusion.  Although my current WIP is called Moving Fear, I also mentioned The Baby Sitters as a possibility.  I ended up giving everyone credit for this question as well.
25. How many years has WRiTE CLUB been running? Two
26. What does the 2.0 signify at the end of DL's blog name? I quit blogging once and it represents the reboot and refocus of my efforts.


  1. Congrats to Michelle! That's an awesome prize.

    And thanks for the contest, except for those 2 confusing ones. Loved learning more about you.

  2. WTG! Michelle. Darn missed the Q&A and did know most of the answers. How are you and your wife holding up?

  3. Awesome, Michelle!

    DL: I totally missed this. :(

  4. What a great list of Q & A! I missed some of these posts and didn't know all the answers. You have a great anniversary coming up soon. Brent and I have #27 coming up in a couple of weeks.

  5. Bah! I never got back to the questions. Too busy over the weekend.

  6. Congrats Michelle! And what a fun contest.

  7. Congratulations Michelle! And cool I got the questions right.

  8. Congratulations to Michelle. I didn't remember even the answers I know I've read. I think your idea was great and it worked out very well. Very entertaining. :)

  9. Congratulations Michelle and to everyone who did the A-Z and participated! DL, I'm in awe of your organizations skills.

  10. Yeah, michelle! Great job!

    Thank, DL!

    Had a great time. I'm ready to read, The Babysitters. Finish it, please. :)


  11. Congrats to Michelle! This was really fun, DL. Looking forward to what you come up with for your A to Z theme next year!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  12. Congrats Michelle :) And it was a fun contest Don :)

  13. Congrats, Michelle. I forgot to look for the answers, too.

  14. Yay! That is an AWESOME prize... thank you so much!
    I'm so excited. What a great start to the week.
    Thanks for hosting such a fun contest DL.

    Writer In Transit

  15. Sorry I forgot to email my answers over! (Slaps hand on forehead!) Must admit the holiday destination had me floored! Great quiz and many congratulations to Michelle :)

  16. Congratulations, Michelle! That's a great way to start your week.

  17. Congrats to Michelle.


  18. Wow, congrats to the winners!

  19. Congrats to Michelle.

    (We're going on an Alaskan Cruise later this month. Why don't you join us?)

  20. Wow, I knew more of those than I thought. I should have submitted at least some of them. Well anyway, your posts were great and the contest was fun. Congrats to Michelle.

    I'll leave the lights on, but in my case often 'the lights are on, but nobody's home'. Ha, ha, ha!

  21. D. L., I nominated you for an award. Please go to to find out more.

  22. Those DARs. How can I ever expect to ace a test when all they get are 100%. Oh well, now we all know a lot of about you.

  23. Congratulations to Michelle! So wonderful to know more about you, DL. :)

  24. I've missed a number of posts lately but glad I'm back now. Congrats to Michelle!

  25. Congrats Michelle!

    I was definitely a fun contest DL.... And your posts were terrific. Sorry I didn't catch all of them. I blame that on no wifi for two weeks Lol.

  26. Congratulations, Michelle! Well done!

    Loved the answers to your questions, DL. I agree GEAUX TIGERS—unless they're playing the CAL BEARS, but one has to draw the line somewhere.

    VR Barkowski

  27. Congrats to Michelle! I'm totally green with envy. :-D

  28. Sounds like it was a great success!

  29. It was great getting to know more about you!

  30. It was good getting to know you! Great idea for the challenge, and congrats to michelle!

  31. Oh man! I missed the quiz? I guess that's what I get for taking a week off. (But believe me, my WIP needed it.) *sigh* Fun questions, and yay for Michelle!

  32. Congrats, Michelle! That's a nice prize.

    Your contest was a lot of fun, DL. I even mentioned it on my blog yesterday. And I knew you hadn't given us the answers to those two questions, although there was a way to find out at least one of them. (*cough*ProjectsTab*cough*)

  33. Ok, where the heck was Moving Fear in your posts?! I have no idea how I missed that. Thanks for giving credit for The Babysitters though.

    Fun times!

    B from

  34. Hi Don and Michelle - well done .. and what a lot of answers - people are so great at getting involved. Michelle - lucky you having the draw/prize ...

    Don - great contest for all concerned ... hope all continues on well at home ... and that life across the summer keeps the positives on the way ..

    Cheers and with thoughts - Hilary

  35. CONGRATS to Michelle!

  36. It was a lot of fun getting to know you better through your posts, DL. Congratulations to Michelle on winning a prize. Looks like you've got a few more things to look forward to in the blogfest area. Not sure I'm ready to reveal any WIP yet, but I'm intrigued by the concept and will look forward to seeing what bloggers share on their sites.

  37. Congrats to the winners! I'm a little vexed though, somehow I completely missed this! I even had a spreadsheet with all sorts of random facts about you. (don't worry, I'm not a stalker) Guess I'll have to pay closer attention to my blog roll.




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