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Wipping It Good at the Coffee Shop

Writer Gold: Is that what I think it is?

Writer Black: I don’t know, what do you think it is?

Writer Gold: A whip?

Writer Black: Then yes, it is what you think it is.

Writer Red: What are you doing with a whip?

Writer Gold: Please tell me that’s not something you and your hubby use at night during your bedroom gymnastics.

Writer Blue: And why on earth are you wearing that heavy scarf in this heat?

Writer Black: First off….ewwwww. And this is my favorite green scarf. I’ve decided I don’t want to be Writer Black anymore. From now on I’m Writer Green.

Writer Blue: What’s wrong with being called Writer Black? I think it sounds…mysterious.

Writer Gold: Ominous.

Writer Red: Dense.

Writer Black/Green: Black is depressing, and I wanted to be a color that better suits my personality.

Writer Red: Is transparent a color?

Writer Blue: Well I think green looks lovely on you. Good choice.

Writer Black/Green: Thank you.

Writer Gold: So, what gives with the whip?

Writer Black/Green: This is Franks. He’s had it for years, ever since his Indiana Jones fanboy days. I was hoping Red would help me take a picture of it and do a little photoshopping so I could use it in my blog post promoting Elise and DL’s blogfest.

Writer Blue: Wip It Good? Oh, that would be so cool.

Writer Black/Green: I know, right?

Writer Gold: Thank you, now that song will be stuck in my head all afternoon.

Writer Red: That’s a great idea Black…I mean Green. We can do it right after we get finished here.

Writer Gold: So what has everyone picked to post for the blogfest? I’m highlighting Out of the Rabbit Hole…my YA Fantasy.

Writer Blue: I’m posting about Jitters…my YA Paranormal Romance.

Writer Black/Green: I’m going to write about my Erotic Adventure novel.

Writer Gold: I don’t remember you telling us about that one. What’s it called again?

Writer Black/Green: Swollen.


Writer Gold: Uhhhhhhhh….What are you writing about Red?

Writer Red: I don’t think I am. I don’t have anything far enough along to talk about.

Writer Blue: That’s silly.

Writer Gold: Read my lips…it’s called WIP…Work In PROGRESS! It doesn’t matter if all you have is an outline, DL and Elise just want us to tell the blogosphere what kind of material we’re working on.

Writer Red: I’m not even sure I’ll keep working on it. I’ve ditched the last two, so who’s to say I won’t do it with this one.

Writer Black/Green: But maybe you won’t. It really doesn’t matter.

Writer Red: I don’t even have an elevator pitch yet.

Writer Blue: Then leave that part blank. Just tell us what you do know.

Writer Red: Okay…okay, you convinced me. When is it again?

Writer Gold: Next week, Friday May 31st.

Writer Red: I guess I’d better get writing then.

Writer Black/Green: Good, because then I won’t have to use this whip on you.


  1. Cute! I don't really have a wip right now. More like a waiba - work abandoned in a back alley.

  2. I've got a whip too! If you take a picture of yours, I'll take a picture of mine. Wait. That sounded terrible! LOL :P

  3. Hi Don .. well glad you're all so far away ... Mr Green, Mrs Red and Miss Gold .. too many rainbow colours for me .. but if you're going to get writing seems sensible .. Whip to Wip .. keep on at it .. whichever .... cheers Hilary

  4. HAHAHA! Great scenario. When I'm back in the States, I get together with my writing buddies at Panera's a coffee house, and Shay, a writer of erotica, always whips us into writing on our W.I.P. instead of yakking. She's a sadist. And I always crave more.

  5. Love it! Cannot wait for the blogger!

    I hope you are enjoying the early days if summer! I am! I was getting frustrated with the weird winter days...


  6. Haha! Cute way to introduce the blogfest. I haven't hung around any coffee shops writing but maybe I should... Whips, huh?

  7. Fun way to spotlight the blogfest. Wish I had time to go hang out and write at a coffee shop. But my day job sadly keeps me busy.

  8. Hilarious as always, especially the 'dense.' (What's wrong with black anyway? My favorite color.)
    Wish I could join you but I don't even have a solid idea for another book or an idea if I will even write one.

  9. Haha I have a WIP or a couple really that I keep zipping between!

  10. Should be a fun blog hop. It will be fun to read about what everyone is working on.

  11. Sounds hilarious.


  12. Hmmmm ... I might actually decide to do this one ... I'll think about it. Maybe.

  13. Hahaha, cute way to remind us about the blog hop! Hope you have a great weekend, DL. :)

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  14. Omg. "Swollen"... BLAAAHHAHAHAH. I talk about my WIPs enough that everyone's probably sick of hearing about them - so I suppose it won't hurt to blog about them again ;)

  15. I'm so shy about sharing my WIP online! I keep my WIPS in private. LOL.

    P.s. you look like such a badass with your head shaved!

  16. Love the coffee shop scenario. I, however, would like Black. Whips and WIPs, nice wordplay. So let's see those whips DL and Elise.

  17. LOL. Your ladies are always entertaining :)

  18. That's awesome DL. I'll list it in my community events.


  19. Aww, that was so cute. Good luck to the Technicolor-Writer-Ladies and all the people actually working on something. I'm looking forward to reading the blogfest posts! :-)

  20. Dammit. These colorful writers are very convincing. We'll see...

  21. I love the "multi-colored writers in the coffee-shop" scenario... cute promo post!

    Writer In Transit

  22. hee hee! Love it.

    Yep I'm excited for this fest since I've recently finished my first draft. And excited to see what everyone else is working on! Great idea!

  23. LOL. Silly and fun. I need to get my "stuff" together and write my post. Yay!




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