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Gotta Start Somewhere

So I guess it's just the four of us right now, referring to my three commenters from my last post (thanks, by the way). So be it. You gotta start somewhere, right?

As I dig further into the whole publishing model, there is much more going on then simply writing a book, getting it printed, and crossing your fingers while you sit back to see if it sells. It is a very steep climb to the top of that hill that is called being published, one that is fraught with loose rocks and slippery facings. If your work is fitting (and that is still a pretty big IF), there are steps to be taken that are mandatory. They are hard coded into the process and cannot be side-stepped. But there are also steps you can take, optional steps, but they might increase your chance of succeding. Traveling to writing conferences and pitching your book in person to the agents and publishers that attend those functions is one way. But that is an expensive and time consuming way to promote yourself, especially if you have an everyday job. Another method is establishing an on-line presence, a blog, and developing a following. It's something you can use on your writing resume, as well as a way to work on your writing apart from your novel. Obviously, the more traffic your blog draws, the better you look and the more notice an agent or publisher will pay.

So, how do I increase the number of visiters to my site? I could post pictures of women's breasts, that's a sure way to bring web-traffic in. Nah . . . I want people dropping by to read my writing. My thoughts and stories. Maybe I should write about women's breasts?

I'm open to any idea's from my three commenters, or anyone else who might stumble in. I'm committed to doing this. Wanna help? Come back again, and bring your friends.

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