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So, whats up with the book?

Thanks for asking, I'd be happy to give you an update.

In one word: Semi-stalled.

I have sent off my first four chapters to be professionally edited.  I have always openly professed that my achilles heel is grammar, and I am striving to improve in that area, but I didn't know how weak it was until I paid to have my short story edited.  OMG!  The corrections suggested were amazing.  And this after it had been proof-read by at least a half-dozen people who know much more about grammar then me.  So I decided to only have the first four chapters of my book done because the majority of agents will request that many chapters initially if there is an interest.  If by some grand stroke of luck I find an agent who wants to see more, then I'll decide then whether or not to fork out more money to have the rest of it done.

In the mean time I know what I needs to happen next, I just can't force myself to take that step.  A lot of people in the publishing industry refer to it as the final edit.  It's where you go back through the book, line by line, making final corrections, fixing (obvious) grammar issues, expounding upon descriptions and other fine details.  Its a tedious process, but one that cannot be skipped if you ever hope to see your work published. 

So what's the hold up, you ask.  Fear.  I'm afraid that once I finish that last step, and I declare my novel finished and ready for submission, that will be the end of my writing stint.  I'm afraid that after going through the process of actually putting it out there for critical review, that the truth will come out and I'll be revealed as a shallow version of what a real writer produces.  And if that is the way this should play out, then so be it.  I'll be content with the knowledge that I produced two novels that a few people found enjoyment in, but weren't meant for the mainstream.  I'll be dissappointed for sure, but satisfied that I at least took a shot.

But I'm not ready for that bubble to burst just yet, so I procrastinate when instead I should be working on my novel.  I know I'll return to it soon, because I do intend to have it judged.  Just not today.

On a different note, I now have ten blog followers!  I recently stumbled across the blog of a newly published author . . . who only had seven followers!

Maybe.  Just maybe. 


  1. keep going! you will feel so good when you are done. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Shelli,

    Thank you for the encouragement! I love your blog, and it says a lot about you when you take time out of your day to perk up an aspiring writer.

    :) Smiley faces for you.

  3. You'd better get busy and get it published...I told you, I want a copy!!! ;-)

  4. Quit messing around here and get your ass back to work on the book!

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