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Out in the Wild

Update: There's a version of my book being read and distributed as we speak (or I write and you read). It's definitely not the final version, and not even the version I intend on sending to those of you who so graciously volunteered to be my guinea pigs, but its close.

My mother-in-law was heading off to the gulf coast to spend time with her sister and her family, so I readied a copy for her to read because she is one of the people I trust to tell me what I did right & wrong. It turns out her sister is also an avid reader, so she will probably have a go at it as well. Let the fingernail chewing begin!

The only people allowed to read my book as it's being written is my wife, and a couple of on-line critiquers who we share chapters of each others work. I have to take my wife's comments with a grain of salt because 1) she's my wife and she doesn't want to hurt my feelings or discourage me, and 2) she knows many of the plot points ahead of time because I bounce most of my idea's off her before I even put them on a page. My mother-in-law also doesn't want to hurt my feelings, so I consider that when I hear her comments, but she's the first one to read the book with no idead of what it's about and that is critical information for me.

For those of you waiting to get your hands on a copy, I should finish up putting on the next layer today or tomorrow and then I'll contact you for addresses.

Thanks for being so patient.

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