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Hot Tub

When I get stuck and I need inspiration to work through a tough chapter or difficult plot twist, I head off to one of two places. At home, its the shower. I have gotten some of my best idea's standing underneath a torrent of hot streaming water. The more problems I'm having with my book, the higher our water bill climbs. Using the shower has a couple of challenges however. First, although our hot water heater is substantial, its not endless. Eventually I'll get chased out by the cold water, no matter how many awesome idea's I'm coming up with. And the second, its extremely difficult to take notes about these awesome idea's I'm having in that wet environment. I haven't found a water-proof digital recorder yet.

The second place I head when I crave a creative boost is the hot tub at the health club where I excercise. Are you seeing a theme here? Hot, streaming or bubbling water, running on, over and around my body. I can lay there for an hour and map out an entire chapter. Its awesome!

My wife promised me that if I do indeed get published, I can get a hot tub installed on our back deck. Talk about motivation!!

I wonder if I can write it off as a business expense? Get it . . . write it off. *Sheepish grin*

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