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Roll Call

You know that guy? The weird one. The one who's standing there in the hallway, talking to himself. He's not weird, he was actually talking to somebody, but they walked away when his back was turned and he continued speaking as if they were still listening to him. Awkward!!

I'm kinda curious to see if I'm that guy. I'm wondering who visits this blog, if anybody. So to satisfy my curiosity I'm asking everybody who visits this blog until my next post to leave a comment of some sort. It can be simple. Hi . . . is fine.

Just something to let me know that I'm not standing in the hallways talking to myself. I'd appreciate it!



  1. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I really had to do this...I know you know about me! :)

  2. Hey Bud!! I follow you everyday!


  3. Hey pops. Bored at work reading away. Keep it up. Oh and sorry about the Xbox thing if that really was me. My bad.




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