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High Drama Blogfest Wrap up – Help!

So…I had this nifty Excel worksheet where I was keeping up with the point totals from the blogfest in preparation for the giveaway portion. It was well organized and easy to follow, and would have made selecting the winners a breeze…if it hadn’t been wiped clean! Through a mistake of my own doing, I accidentally deleted all of the records meticulously collected there. ARGH!!!!!

Anyway…I need your help. I can spend days collecting the information again, surfing to all of your blogs to make notes of side-bars or blog posts mentions, checking twitter to see if you mentioned the blogfest over there…or I can ask you to do it instead. So, for time sake, that’s what I’m doing. Please count up the points you amassed for the blogfest and either leave your total in the comment section here, or you can email me at tbone(dot)don(at)gmail(dot)com. We’ll be using the scout’s honor system! :)

Here’s a reminder of how the point system worked.

Everyone who took part in my Blogfest (actually posted a story) received one point. If you were a follower of my blog, add another point. If you put a blurb about it in your sidebar, you’ll receive another point. If you tweeted about it you’ll receive another point for each separate day you tweeted (up to a maximum of five tweets), and if you a posted a blog entry exclusively about the High Drama Blogfest/Giveaway…you’ll receive a whopping five points. That’s a grand total of 13 possible points to place into the virtual hat.

I’ll draw six numbers (three from Group A, and three from Group B) using a random number generator once I have everyone’s point totals.

I’m sorry for the delay…and the extra work. *sheepish grin*


  1. 1 pt for posting a story,
    1 pt for following,
    1 pt in my side bar,
    5 pts for specific blog post

    that makes 8 for me

  2. just two here (i did blog about it though man... just a link-a-pa-looza one though! sorry!)

  3. Four entries for me :)

    Participated, follower, and two days of tweets.

    I feel your pain, btw. You know my "whoops" with my blog template. What was in the cyberwater yesterday??

    Good luck with the calculations :D

  4. Posted +1
    Side Bar on Blog +1
    Tweeted (once) +1
    Follower +1

    Good luck! :D

  5. Ahh, you dolt (only kidding).

    I guess it's just 3 points for me (follower, sidebar, writing entry).

    I did have your contest in a couple of my blog posts, but it wasn't exclusively about you. :]

  6. 1-story, 1-follower, 1-sidebar, 5-blog = 8 Total

  7. Just in case you forgot DL don't worry about my points- I didn't care about the prizes I was just in it for the fun (and it was fun!)

    So sorry to hear about the spreadsheet.


  8. "2,"she said, sheepishly. But in all fairness, I would have tweeted about it, but I just started my twitter account 2 days ago. Find me @bunnyinmygarden

    Take care! Fun stuff

  9. Hey, DL, hub and I are back home from our holiday. So missed your contest but lots of sympathy for your oopsie...we've all been there. Have you dropped by Marguerite's blog, Cajun Delights??? She's got some drop dead wonderful stuff!

  10. Entering & following: 2
    Post about the contest: 5
    I mentioned it on your last post, but here it is again so you aren't looking in more places than necessary. Cheers!

  11. follower, posted an entry, posted in my side bar two ways - i guess that's 3 points. I didn't make an exclusive blog post, but I announced it in several other posts. That 4, right?

    I really enjoyed this blogfest DL.

    Don't you just love technology, and how easy it is to delete it all with a single touch of the button? :)


  12. 1 pt. for story
    1 pt for following
    1 pt. sidebar
    1 tweet

    I enjoyed reading everyone's entries. Thanks for hosting a wonderful blog fest. :)

  13. Was just in there for the fun...the postage to Malaysia would be way too high anyway :)

    Hope this gets sorted out soon, and thanks for your kind words in the email on my entry

  14. Oh man, sorry you lost all that work! Hope everything gets taken care of without worry :-)

  15. Only 2 for me. I remember wanting to Tweet it..but Twitter was having issues that day!

  16. Summer Ross ~ Thank you!!!!

    Will ~ Got it! Tanks!!!

  17. That is...unfortunate :( Because of internet woes I wasn't entering any contests (cept Lola's) in the last couple weeks but if you wanna throw me a point for being a dedicated follower then ya know thats up to you ;) Good luck my friend. Good. Luck.

  18. Entry - 1
    Blogpost - 5

    Was very encouraging for this new blogger!

  19. Posted on my permanent Blogfest page, before that it was on side column.

    Posted 2 reminders on blog (w/other upcoming blogs) and 1 was shared on Facebook.

    And I am a follower and entry.

  20. I didn't do the blogfest, I'm just here for support!
    Congrats to everyone who participated and hooray for DL for hosting it! I've really enjoyed reading the entries!

  21. So sorry to hear your spreadsheet got erased! No points for me, but good luck collecting all your entries, and thanks again for a fun blogfest!

  22. I think I have 8 points. I loved this blogfest, DL, and the entries were so fun to read. :-)




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