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No…we’re not about to break into an impromptu game of black jack. I just realized that during the frantic week leading up to my blogfest this past weekend, that I surpassed 10,000 site hits! OMG!! That’s a crap load. When you average that over the year that I’ve been maintaining this blog (even though the counter has only been tracking hits since November), that translates to 27 hits each day. That doesn’t even take into consideration the people who read my blog in their Google reader, Facebook feed, or other RSS feeds because they never register as a site hit unless they visit my actual blog to leave a comment. And because I only average a couple of blog posts a week (with last week definitely being the exception), the web traffic I generate is even more impressive. I’m climbing toward 500 followers and the number of comments my posts generate are growing as well.

You know why all this even matters? Why it lifts my spirits and gives me reason to remain optimistic? Because it’s an indicator. If people care to read what I write on my blog, hang around and check back day after day, week after week, then maybe I’m a good enough writer to draw people to my novels. Maybe one day these site hits will transform into register rings.

Whoa…lets slow down a bit. Since when did being popular translate into having talent? We’ve all been through high school. Popularity doesn’t mean squat to an agent with a query letter sitting in front of them…or does it? Will an interested agent take the time to research your blog when deciding to offer representation? Maybe. Does that mean aspiring writers without blogs or ones with modest numbers of followers are looked upon negatively? Bottom line…strong writing trumps everything else, but a robust blog doesn’t hurt your chances.

I want to close by thanking all of you who participated (52 entries) in the High Drama Blogfest and made it such a huge success. It was an amazing experience to read the offerings from such talented writers! I’ll be announcing the prize winners in a couple days (next time remind me to have you add up your own points), but I wanted to tell you how humble you made me feel with the response to my event.

Have a great week!!


  1. Thanks for hosting the fest! See you around.


  2. Funny - When you said "hit me" I thought of the Britney Spears song (Hit Me Baby One More Time) instead of black jack or website hits ... I think this is a sad day for society (at least, Tiana society). Or it's awesomesauce. Whichever way you want to take it.

  3. That's alot of people taking a look at your blog regularly. You should feel pretty good about it, if nothing else use it as inspiration. Thanks for hosting the blogfest. it was my first one and I really really enjoyed it.

  4. Ka-POW!!!
    ( or should i say ka-ching?)
    awesome numbers man!

  5. 10k hits?? That's amazing! But I'm not surprised, since yours is one of my favorite blogs to visit. Just goes to show, I'm not the only one!

    Hope your week is off to a great start :)

  6. Your blog is definitely worth all the traffic!

    The blogfest was a lot of fun this weekend. I had a great time reading the entries.

  7. Thanks for hosting the blog fest. :)

    I enjoyed reading all the entries.

    CONGRATS on all the well deserved 'hits'.*throws confetti*
    That's almost better than cake!


  8. Congratulations on reaching such a impressive number of hits and on the success of your blogfest!

    While I agree with you that popularity hardly measures talent, I think you've got your fair share of both. I definitely look forward to your blog posts - not because 465 others are reading them too, but because you're a good writer. So you've got reason to celebrate :)

  9. Hey man, it's because you're awesomer than awesomesauce. Now hurry and up and finish with those edits and start to querying. The sooner you do, the sooner it'll get snapped up, the sooner I can buy it for real. And have you sign it!

  10. Wow - that's a LOT of hits!! Awesome :)

    Definitely worth celebrating :)

  11. The blogfest was so much fun! I'm glad you hosted it. 500 followers and 10,000 hits are HUGE milestones. Congratulations!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Sorry, totally balled out the last post.

    What can one say 10K is going some! It was a great blogfest, great theme.

    I think I got round to every entry in the blogfest, except those that didn't show - if I missed anyone let me know and I'll get over to your blog right away.

    Re profiling: I read on agent blog somewhere that they and editors will check out Internet profiles if interested in sammple material sent.

    It's not so much to do with popularity in numbers registered such as followers - it's the comments on snippets of one's writing (if any posted.

    They're particulary looking out for feedback from the general public!!!!

  14. F*ck the typos. I give up! Damn fingers are skimming the keyboard tonight.


  15. I've wondered...does an agent check out your blog? I hope so...b/c like you, I like to think that the followers and comments are an indication that I have an audience, and people already care about what I write!

    BTW, have you ever checked out the Arkansas book project? They try to get all of Arkansas to read books written by Arkansans. Here's their website.

  16. Great blogfest! I had time to read some and they were awesome.

    Congrats on your numbers:)

  17. That is awesome news!! 10K?! You're on your way!!

  18. Congratulations! That is a lot of hits. And I felt the same way just hitting 200 followers - damn, someone finds me interesting!

    And after adding up the points for MY contest, I agree with your assessment that entrants should add up their own points. My head still hurts.

  19. Once again I have to say the blogfest was awesome. Such an amazing selection of genres and talent. I really enjoyed reading them all (and my eyes have almost forgiven me. Almost...)

    Keep it up DL I'd say you're definitely on to something here :)


  20. Congratulations!

    I feel the same way, I am always in awe when someone finds my blog worthy of following.

    May you have thousands, no, hundreds of thousands more.

  21. 10,000 hits?! Wowzers! Congrats!!

  22. That's a lot of hits, and definitely something to feel good about! I'm glad the blogfest was such a success. Though I didn't participate, I read several of the entries and really enjoyed them.

  23. 10,000? Whew! Of course it's because you have a great blog. Your 'fest was one of my favorites, and I really enjoyed the entries. I have to admire you for getting around to all the posts. I'm still only half-way through them!

  24. 10 k hits is awesome! I get that in three months :)

    Thank you for organizing the Blogfest, and though I did not get too many readers for my entry (my bad, I realized my name does not link to the blog in which I wrote my piece), I was very happy to participate!

    It was my first blogfest, and I think you should do more.

  25. Summer ~ That's it exactly! Inspiration. Thank you!

    Kelly ~ I appreciate the vote of confidence!!

    Francine ~ LOL! That's what I say...f*ck the typo's!!

    Terry ~ Thank you. :)

    Damyanti ~ I sent you an email regarding your blogfest entry.

  26. Thanks for hosting -- it was a lot of fun, and lots of us got some new followers to boot! Even if the encouragement (hits, followers, or comments) puts our asses in the chair to keep writing, you win!

  27. Congratulations! And thanks for hosting the blog fest. That was my first writing one.

  28. Is it too late to say that I got 7 points? I also got 8 followers, and found a LOT of great Blogs to follow, so either way, I win!




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