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On Your Mark….

Blogger #1: Hey guess what…I just got another notification on my Google reader that DL posted again today.

Blogger #2: You’re kidding. Let me guess, another reminder about his High Drama Blogfest/Giveaway?

Blogger #1: Bingo!

Blogger #2: Geez! Does that guy ever quit? Somebody needs to show him what a broken record looks like.

Blogger #1: I think it must be a man thing…one track minds and all.

Blogger #2: I wish my husband had a little more of that when it came to cleaning out the garage.

Blogger #3: Wassup?

Blogger #2: DL posted another reminder about his blogfest today.

Blogger #3: You mean the one this Saturday, August 7th? Isn’t that the one with prizes also?

Blogger #1: That’s the one.

Blogger #3: I can’t wait. Did you order your coffee’s yet?

Blogger #2: Uh-huh, we got you a Carmel Macchiato. Wait a minute. You signed up for DL’s blogfest?

Blogger #3: Absolutely!

Blogger #1: I did too.

Blogger #2: Weren’t you complaining just the other day about not having enough time to write, blog, read & comment on other blogs, and take care of your family? Now you’re doing a blogfest also?

Blogger #3: I like showing off my work.

Blogger #1: And you get some excellent feed back as well.

Blogger #2: Hey…that’s my muffin!

Blogger #3: Soourrry, Iummmm starfved.

Blogger #2: That’s just gross. Eat with your mouth closed…you’re spitting crumbs on me.

Blogger #1: What kind of drama did you pick to enter?

Blogger #3: GULP. I chose a section from my first book, the one I shelved. You?

Blogger #1: I wrote something original that had been bouncing around in the back of my mind for awhile. I really had fun with it.

Blogger #2: There is this one idea I’ve been toying with for a while.

Blogger #1: You should totally do it. Totally!

Blogger #2: But it’s Thursday, and his blogfest is when…Saturday? There’s no way I can have it ready by then.

Blogger #3: Please…you can churn out 500 words in your sleep. And it doesn’t have to be perfect, everybody starts off by saying “this is really rough”. It’s kind of expected.

Blogger #2: I don’t know…..

Blogger #1: Come on…it’s DL. He’s a dude writer severely outnumbered by female ones. He writes mysteries and we all write young adult or romance. He’s ancient…like 50+…still trying to keep up with the younger crowd.

Blogger #2: So….?

Blogger #3: And he has almost 500 followers!

Blogger #1: Where are you going?

Blogger #2: I’ve got to get home and start writing.

Blogger #3: I call her muffin!


  1. You're not really that old are you?
    I thought you were my age.

  2. Ahahahaha! That was hilarious!

    So...when was that blogfest again? Next week?


  3. I don't write YA or Romance. Mainstream fiction for me, thanks ;-) (And I'm over 40, so not too far behind ya.)

  4. this was, handsdown, my favorite reminder.
    I've already got mine scheduled to post so i am on the ball

  5. I wish I was this inventive. LOL
    I'm 50+, why is that old, compared to what? :D
    Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Since we're sharing: another +40'er here! Where are the younger blogger/writers this morning (better not still be in bed >)

    Looking forward to Saturday!

  7. I LOLed :)I'm still not sure you've convinced me though ...

  8. You look SO young. Wish I did! Wish I WERE that young, years-wise. Though I really don't feel any older inside than twenty (wish my body agreed!).

    This is a marvelous dialogue. Well done!!

  9. Love the reminder - I'll see what I can do :)

  10. Pays to keep reminding and posting because this is the first I've seen of your blogfest! And I may not be fifty yet, but it still seems young to me. :)

  11. Actually, somehow I JUST WOKE UP. At a quarter til 11. Now that's pretty damn late for me, even being 24. There, there's a young'un representing.

    PS: Can I have the muffin? I'm hungry, having just woken up...

  12. I really enjoyed this reminder, it sounds like you'd be good at doing commercials- that's what commercials look like around Wyoming. lol Thanks for posting. I have my story ready...

  13. You caught me! I was blogger #3 or something. Favorite reminder to date :D too funny and my handwriting thingy is up yay...and it looks a little like yours! Ah! Doppleganger effect

  14. You're good DL :)

    Apparently I still have time to write something - if those bloggers can do it....

  15. Bro, you got some craft in you to come up something hilarious like that. Come on you arent that old. But it seems you are conservative when compared to the girls of your age :P you know what i meant ! Well, looking forward for more blogfests from your site.

  16. Out of all that...I just want a muffin and a caramel machiato.

    I turned *shudder* 40 this year. *sigh* But I feel like I'm 28...and I act like I'm 21, okay, maybe more like I'm 14...and I don't look a day over 39...average it all together...I'm 29. Okay? No? Fine. 40 blows. It's evil. But it beats the alternative. I like alive better than dead.

    I don't write YA (though I have a story brewing in my head for one right now)

    You KNOW I don't put my fiction up. Ever. Not once.
    You owe me cake.


  17. Hi,

    Just love your sense of humour!

    Don't ever try to write a category romance, will you? Some publishers think humour and sexy tease are bad for characters!

    I've taken a leaf out of your BUMP BLOG POST book, and posted in respect of Rejection Letter. YEP, the big R is up for every one to read through, along with snippet of rejected novel. ;)

    See ya Saturday handsome . . . :)

  18. Haha, well done! It's tempting me:)

    And I'm mystery also, but yeah, female. Boy are you guys outnumbered in this biz.

  19. Um wait, does this mean you're gonna bake for us since we gotta get up early on Saturday to post? ;-)

  20. Hahaha, I so look forward to your blogfest reminders!

  21. HAHAHHA!!! I love this so much, I think I might make an exception and do a post this Saturday! Just for you, DL!!


  22. Very creative reminder. How could we possibly forget now?

  23. Ha ha ha ha ha! That was way too much fun! :-)

  24. Haha! Love it! But I'm confused... does this mean there's some sort of blogfest that's going to happen?

    You're very creative at marketing, btw! :)

  25. Okay, that was the funniest reminder I have read. I nearly snorted my own coffee.

    I'll be there with muffins...and a entry.




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