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Back at the Coffee Shop (or A Significant Reminder)

Writer #3: Sorry I’m late. Ohhhh, I love that blouse. It really brings out the color in your eyes.

Writer #2: Thank you. Is everything alright, you look flustered.

Writer #3: Oh sure. My husband was just running late getting home from work to watch the kids.

Writer #1: Oh, I just remembered Talli and DL’s Significant Other blogfest is this Friday. I need to make sure my hubby has written something.

Writer #2: I don’t do blogfest. I refuse to post any of my writing on-line.

Writer #1 and Writer #3 glance at one another.

Writer #1: Um…this is a blogfest where your significant other post something about what it’s like living with a writer in the family. It’s not actually your work being posted.

Writer #3: And it doesn’t have to be your spouse. I’m having my sister do it.

Writer #2: Oh. I don’t think I could get George to do that. That man is a brilliant engineer, but I wouldn’t trust him to write a shopping list.

Writer #1: You could just interview him and post that. The goal is to hear what someone else in your support group has to say, so how you accomplish that is pretty open.

Writer #2: Hmmmmmm. So why are you having your sister do it and not Bob.

Writer #3: Are you kidding? You say the word blog to him and he thinks of an old horror movie. He has no concept of what a blog is and barely tolerates my writing time.

Writer #2: That’s too bad.

Writer #3: Tell me about it. You know that book signing we went to last Tuesday? I had to tell him we were going to a Victoria Secret party to get him to watch the kids.

Writer #1: I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about any of that. Danny is totally supportive of my writing and jumped at the chance to do this blogfest.

Writer #3: Are you sure? Think about it…maybe he agreed to do it too quickly. He could be secretly planning on spewing all sorts of toxic waste about you.

Writer #1: He wouldn’t do that…would he?

Writer #2: I think George understands my commitment, although we’ve never really sat down and talked about it. Now I’m wondering.

Writer #3: How did Talli and DL hook up anyway?

Writer #1: Hook up?

Writer #3: Get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean.

Writer #1: I write steamy romances, my mind is always in the gutter.

Writer #3: Well, I write fantasy, does that mean this is just a dream and your really not here?

Writer #2 gets up to leave.

Writer #1: Where are you going?

Writer #2: I’ve just decided that I’m going to convince George to do the blogfest.

Writer #3: And you have to go tell him right now?

Writer #2: No, but it’s going to take some convincing…which means I have to go shopping.

Writer #1: Huh?

Writer #2: I have to go to the grocery store to get items for his favorite meal, then I have to swing by the lingerie store. Bye!


  1. Hmmm...*strokes chin*
    I think you had fun with that.

  2. I would love to do this blog fest but I know that my hubby is getting ready to start school again. Then again, maybe he'd be down to get it ready tonight. Hmm, am I too late? Has it started yet?? Let's see if I can be a late entrant!

  3. Such an original reminder. I have something for you on my blog :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. I'm excited for this. I'm having each of my kids answer your questions. Seriously, that was all I could get them to do. What a feat!

  5. Too funny! And thanks for the reminder...I almost forgot to prepare my questions for C. Yikes. I better go to those stores too.....

  6. LOL! Conflict, opposing opinions, and humour; very nice dialogue! The only ones in my house to write this would be my kids, and that would take a lot of convincing. Looking forward to reading all the participates though.

  7. I'm freaky about sharing my writing and writing self with anyone who is close IRL. I especially don't share my blog with family/friends.

  8. LOL. I can't stop laughing.

    I need to give my significant other a kick up the butt for Friday!

  9. Laugh-out-loud line from Writer #1: I write steamy romances, my mind is always in the gutter.

    Looking forward to reading the entries :)

  10. Ha ha, that was very funny. The funny thing is just about ten minutes ago I thought, "Oh man, I almost forgot about that blogfest for this friday! I need to make SHH write his post before i forget again..." ;)

  11. Right! the blogfest is Friday... planning to attend~ :o) <3

  12. Sounds like this will be a fun blogfest. Unfortunately, my hubs doesn't even know I have a blog;)

  13. My hubby would only post one word: insane. Hhehehe

  14. My hubby would be the same as Lynda's :)

  15. What a clever reminder! I'm already looking forward to reading the entries.

  16. I'd like to hang out at this coffee shop, too!

  17. Hahahaha! How did we hook up indeed!

    Fabulous reminder. I can't wait for Friday!

  18. HAHAHAH! I feel like I'm standing in line behind these women at the coffee shop, going "Duh, Don and Talli hooked up AGES ago. That is old news, biddies! Now hurry up so I can get my cappuccino!"

  19. "No, but it’s going to take some convincing…which means I have to go shopping."


  20. Aha! This is a good idea for a return favor. I'm fixing dinner for one of my husband's business associates later this week, and I've been trying to come up with a good idea for Hubby to reciprocate somehow. Not that I wouldn't mind a dozen roses, though! He's actually listed on my blog, but he hasn't posted in a long time. Way overdue, I'd say.

  21. lol, that was so funny! L-O-V-E-D it!

  22. *snort*. Too funny! I wouldn't let my husband anywhere near my blog. Espcially to answer questions about what it's like to live with me. No way in hell. But funny! Very funny. lol.

  23. That's funny! So, I guess you're doing the blogfest? I'm doing it! My husband is dying to spread the dirt.

  24. oh man! i'd have to buy more than lingerie in order to get my husband to participate! but i guess he's exempt....he's busy finishing up his we'll forgive him :)

    hope everyone has fun!

  25. Ha! Can't wait to see what everyone posts on Friday!

  26. Too funny! Yep, reading steamy romances can certainly have the negative effect of putting your mind in the gutter. Or so I've heard. ;)

  27. Funny stuff, DL...Maybe I could make up something and pretend my hubby said it....

  28. You're so cute. Love the marketing approach, my friend. Way to get the word out! What a hoot.

  29. Ha ha! I wonder if I can persuade my husband...

  30. I've requested (and reminded) hubbers, but I may be a last minute entrant. I won't sign my name on the dotted line until I have contribution in hand...

    Really looking forward to at least reading everyone else's posts, though!

  31. Ooooh! This sounds like a fun blogfest. And what a cute reminder. :)

    Happy New Year (a little late)!

  32. Have you been peeking in my windows lately? LOL, I've had lots of these conversations.

    Excellent reminder, but I was ready a day early. Imagine that :)


  33. LOL, that's hilarious. I wish my Other wasn't away, otherwise I could have joined in :(




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