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Fridays Significant Other Blogfest was such a rousing success that I'm feeling the blog bond especially strong today. The demonstration of undying support and out-right love we witnessed exceeded my greatest expectations, and I owe all of you for that. Our blog family got a little bit larger that day, expanding to include those that care about us (and our writing) the most. My wife would like to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart for all of the caring comments left on her blog post Friday.


I say it’s time for a group hug. Everybody who feels the same should join in below.


Old friend, new friend, east coast, west coast, northern or southern hemisphere, contribute in whatever fashion suits you best.  No need to worry about catching a cold, or spreading germs.

My wish is that we could do this for real...someday.

I feed off your energy and grow stronger in my craft every day.  You people ROCK!

DL    :)


  1. (((HUGS)))
    Thank you again for putting that together DL. It was exactly what I needed. For real.

    And please, thank your wife for me again. I know how hard it is sometimes to support us writers.

    It's a strange phenomenon, but there is a bond between us bloggers and writers that I never expected, but I'm so grateful it's happened.

    Have a great day D.

  2. Dude! How do YOU do it? You're downright amazing, yes you are.

    And it's groovy to be in this writing story with you.

    (((me holding up my lighter)))

  3. Wow, great hugging pictures. Here's a virtual hug for you too (((hugs)))-- It was a fun blogfest. My husband surprised me!

  4. ((HUGS)) Aww! This post really made me smile, DL. what a wonderful way to start the day and add some sunshine to people's hearts. I didn't have time to comment over the weekend, but I really enjoyed reading through the Significant other entries. Your wife, despite her claims, uses some beautiful wording!

    Have a great week!

  5. I agree. Group ((hug)). Thank you for hosting the fest. It really was fun, and I loved getting to know others better.

  6. Thanks for hosting it! Aren't blogfests a blast?

  7. It was a really fantastic blogfest. My husband and I share the same email so every time someone would comment he would literally freak. He kept saying, "Are they talking to me? That is so cool." I think this blogfest not only showed the writers how much support they have but it also gave the non writers a peek into our world. Happy Writing.

  8. ((HUGS)) back at you! It was real treat participating and yes, I think we all found out how lucky we are.

    Kudos dude, great job! :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. (((hug!))) Friday was so fun, and what a great idea! It really brought those S.O.s into a part of our lives that might otherwise cause them to feel left out. Thanks, DL!!! :o) <3

  10. Thanks to you and Talli for putting it together. It was really fun! I actually learned a lot too.

  11. HUGS ROCK!

    I only got to read a few of the entries, but I enjoyed the theme...

    Great idea DL.


  12. Aww..what happy pictures! The blogging community is so supportive and encouraging, especially the writers in it!!

  13. You rock, DL! So happy you all had a great time and the blogfest was such a success. Sorry I missed it! *Hugs*

  14. I hope you do it again next year! It was such a great idea for a blogfest.

  15. hahahaha. those pictures are cracking me up!

    ((hugs)) :)

  16. Yay! It was fantastic, wasn't it? So much fun to read all the entries!

    Thank you for the great idea and for inviting me to be part of it!

  17. Almost forgot, new e-mail.

    Other one is gone.

  18. Yay! Group hugs are awesome! *hugs*

  19. The blogfest was fun! I really enjoyed reading the entries.

  20. It was an awesome blogfest!! I had a blast. And, in honor of my growing blog-follower family, I announced a blogfest of my own today. Stop over and check it out :))

    ((group hug)) Nicole

  21. (((Hugs))) to you and to everyone in the blogworld too.

  22. (((group hugging now)))

    It was a wonderful blogfest, D.L. Great, great idea! My husband was a much better sport than I thought he would be. I loved his post, and I love you for providing me the opportunity to receive it. :-)




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