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Coffee Shop Origin

Writer Gold: Have you seen this?

Writer Blue: Seen what?

Writer Gold: DL’s blog this morning.

Writer Red: I was just about to pull it up.  *reading*   Oh, another post featuring those idiotic coffee house chicks.  That’s getting old, and besides, who really talks like that?

Writer Black: And would it kill him to give them real names.  I get confused so easily.

Writer Red: *coughing*

Writer Gold: He has them discussing the ORIGINS blogfest.

Writer Black: Ohhhhh.  When is that again? I keep forgetting to jot it down on my calendar.

Writer Gold: The Monday before Valentine’s Day.  There's 150 bloggers signed up for it.

Writer Blue: I don’t see how he does it.  

Writer Red: Does what?

Writer Blue: All of it.  He’s co-hosting that blogfest with Matt, Alex and Katie, then there’s the A to Z Challenge he’s also co-hosting.  AND, on top of all that he does WRiTE CLUB. When does he find ever the time to write?

Writer Black: I love WRiTE CLUB.

Writer Red: Maybe that’s why he’s not published yet.

Writer Blue: I saw where he posted on Facebook that he just sent out another batch of query letters.  I have my fingers crossed for him.

Writer Gold: Have ya’ll signed up for ORIGINS?

Writer Black, Writer Blue, Writer Red: *in unison* Yes!

Writer Black: Do you remember the first time we all met here?

Writer Gold: OW!!  Why did you hit me?

Writer Red: Slug bug.  One just drove by.  I have to keep in practice or else my son tears me up.

Writer Blue: I haven’t been coming here that long.  How did all of you first start getting together?

Writer Red: Gold, you’ve been writing here the longest, right? Almost a year and a half? 

Writer Gold: *nods head* I’ve always loved their scones here, and I needed a way to break up my writing routine.  Now, I just love how we can bounce ideas off one another.

Writer Red: Then I joined her last year when my youngest started Kindergarten.  Been meeting here weekly ever since.

Writer Blue: When did you start coming, Black?

Writer Black: Oh, I haven’t.

Writer Blue: Ummmmm…you’re here every time I’ve been here.

Writer Black: I come if I’m in the area.  It’s not something I plan though

Writer Gold: Since you first started coming you’ve missed maybe one meeting.

Writer Black: But it’s nothing I schedule.  I like to keep things fluid.  No commitments.

Writer Red: *leaning over to whisper to Blue* Those ideas we share don’t always bounce.  Sometimes it’s more like a thunk.

Writer Gold: What are you going to write about Blue?

Writer Blue: Oh, probably my grandpa.  He and grandma had this massive library in their home, full of both the classics and recent releases.  They were both voracious readers and I think I inherited my love of books from them.  When I was little I used to love to go over to there and just spend hours exploring the shelves.  Every six months I’d help grand ma meticulously dust off every book and I’d even hold grand pa’s tools when he needed to build more shelf-space.  My grand pa would always take the time to answer my questions, no matter how stupid, and tell me stories about the authors to help me personalize their work.  When I wrote my first short story, I think I was maybe twelve, I let my grand pa read it first.  The way his eyes lit up and he made such a fuss…telling everybody he knew that I would be in his library someday…I knew then that’s what I wanted to do.  Someday write a book that grand pa could put in his library.

Writer Gold: That is a wonderful origin story.  And you will someday.

Writer Blue: *weak smile* Grand ma passed away last year and grand pa was gone eight months later.   

Writer Black: I’m so sorry honey.

Writer Gold: Isn’t that about the same time you joined us.

Writer Blue: *nodding* Grand pa made sure I’d still be able to make it into his library; he left me all of their books in his will.  Now all I have to do is my part.  That’s why I asked to join your group.  I’ve tinkered around with my writing for a long time, and now I’m taking it more serious.

Writer Red: Then I say we look at your chapters first.


  1. I wish I had some local writing buddies to meet with at the coffee shop. All my writing buddies live far, far away ...

    We meet by email, and occasionally have virtual coffee.

  2. This is one of my fave's to read. LOVE the coffee shop girls! :-) You started my day with a smile.

  3. "Maybe that's why he's not published yet." - Hilarious!

  4. Bwahahahaha. I think those writers hang out at my coffee shop too. I swear I've seen and heard them before. ;)

  5. Great stuff, DeeEll!

    I love the voices, the perfect pacing, the fabulous blend of comedy and tragedy. You have a gift for dialogue, my friend!

    I'll enjoy visiting this coffee shop often! Can I buy ya a huge-ass latte?


  6. Aww, what a story (about grandpa)!
    Love the way you wrote this dialogue.
    "Maybe that’s why he’s not published yet." They're so mean!

  7. Well, I would certainly hang out there for the scones and conversation.

  8. I LOVE my writer's group, and it always finds some way to revolve around coffee. What is it with writers and coffee? Hmmm... I think I just thought of a new blog post... LOL

  9. Does all of this blogging and participation in blog events really keep one from writing? I manage to write, but I probably need to write more things besides what I'm writing when I'm blogging.

    But I'm having such a good time!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  10. So much to blog so little time.

    I found my way over here from Katie (Creepy Query Girl). I too am the breadwinner, workaholic extraordinaire. Yet, somehow, I find time to write because I have to.

  11. Aww, that was nice.

    I sincerely,hope this is NOT the reason you're not published yet. If it even comes close 'dump it like a load of sand'.

    Still one of the good guys.

  12. I love your writer's dialogues! They keep me smiling the whole way though...and laughing. Thanks for the reminder. I almost freaked out because I thought I missed the blogfest. Okay, I DID freak out.

    Oh, maybe you lost my feed b/c of the link change?

  13. I totally disagree with Writer Red. I love those coffee house chicks!

  14. My favorite line: "Maybe that's why he's not published yet." Ha ha ha ha ha. Too funny. :-)

  15. Hello! Just stopping by to say Hi from the A-Z challenge. Now all I need to do is get a bit more organised than last year! Sue

  16. Keeping my fingers x'd for you re-the query letters.

    Good to see you are not slacking. :D

  17. Slug bug, haha! Your coffee shop ladies' conversations always crack me up. Have a great weekend!!

  18. I'm signed up for the Origins Blogfest. Just one more thing I have to write this weekend, but I'll get it done!

  19. Mmm... way fun. Glad I stumbled upon your blog :D New follower here--I look forward to your posts ;)

  20. Looking forward to it - as long as I have a working computer by that point... and it's not looking great at the moment!

  21. I know these coffee shop ladies... I'll have to say hi when I see them gossiping about you next time!

  22. I love these ladies. My group and I talk sorta like this over wine though.


  23. Signed up for your blogfest! Arrgh, my Feb is getting kind of busy! hehe

  24. This makes me long for a group of writer friends to hang out with at our local coffee shop. I don't have any close by and when I go with other friends they tire easily of my writing- war stories.

    How do you do it all? It has to be tough.

  25. I'm hoping to be able to meet up with other writers during the day once my daughter starts kindergarten next year.

    Good luck on that batch of queries! Had to laugh at "maybe that's why he's not published yet," especially when I'm finding it so hard just to keep up with the A-to-Z and the FF Contest I'm running.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  26. Enjoyed reading the Coffee House Chick post. Makes me wish I had some writer friends I could meet up with to talk about all things writing.

    Although I'm not participating in the ORIGINS blogfest, I do look forward to stopping by some of the blogs to read their stories.




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